Oct 142009
SUNCAT has just introduced links to journals’ tables of contents (ToCs) using information provided by the ToCs service, Zetoc. This development results from work conducted on the Discovery to Delivery project by EDINA and Mimas.The ToCs links appear on the SUNCAT search result screen and at the top of the full record display. Each link leads to the most recent issue of the appropriate journal title. Currently, there are ToCs links from around 20,000 journal titles, plus conference proceedings on SUNCAT, but this number will expand as new titles are added to Zetoc.
This is an important development for SUNCAT, instantly providing more information about journals on the catalogue. Article details from ToCs can assist users in distinguishing journals of interest, before establishing their location via the holdings information of the 70 libraries available on SUNCAT.

Journal Table of Contents on SUNCAT Full Record Display

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