Feb 182010

SUNCAT provides a Z39.50 connection to high-quality CONSER and ISSN MARC21 records on SUNCAT, enabling our 70 Contributing Libraries to download these records to their local catalogues. This is especially useful when a library is embarking on a retrospective conversion programme. Information about the downloading facility is available on the SUNCAT website. Non Contributing Libraries are also able to consult the MARC records found in SUNCAT and can use these to aid their cataloguing. We are hoping to expand the download service, and are currently surveying our Contributing Libraries about the existing MARC21 records downloading service and how they would like to see this develop.

We now have more than 5 million bibliographic records in SUNCAT (both for print and electronic journals). Approximately 1.2 million CONSER records and 1.4 million ISSN records are available for download.

SUNCAT is the Serials Union Catalogue for the UK. Visit the service at http://www.suncat.ac.uk or the SUNCAT blog at http://suncatblog.blogspot.com
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