Feb 122015

As everyone knows, this Saturday is Valentine’s Day. There is no shortage of weird and wonderful love and romance-themed titles in SUNCAT. Here is a selection for you to enjoy!

Photograph of a small packet of love hearts

  • Love: the nuptial organ of the Cupid League. no. 1.
  • Cupid’s columns.
  • Cupid’s Cosmopolitan Courier : The only matrimonial publication printed in English and French.
  • Cupid : for love, courtship and marriage.
  • Marvel valentine special.
  • Valentine : (Valentine and TV Fan. Valentine and Roxy.).
  • The New Kids on the Block, valentine girl.
  • Valentine flowchart special.
  • It’s love, love, love.
  • Love buzz.
  • Cowboy love.
  • First love illustrated.
  • The Love School event.
  • Jacques Boivin’s love fantasy.
  • The dial of love.
  • The Batman adventures. Mad love.
  • Daily dose of love.
  • Mr. Anthony’s love clinic.
  • The Word love.
  • The Journal of Love.
  • How do I love thee? : the magazine for love poetry.
  • Love, Marriage & Common-Sense Series.
  • Dr. Anthony King Hollywood love doctor.
  • Famous Loves : true dramas of tender love and brooding passion.
  • The lamp of love.
  • The Delphick oracle, resolving the most curious questions in love and gallantry: as also in divinity, history … and all other arts and sciences … By a society of gentlemen.
  • Premier spas & romance.
  • Farm romance & adventure.
  • Kentucky romance quarterly.
  • Hospital Romance Library.
  • Purkess’s library of romance
  • Your Car. A magazine of romance, etc.
  • I’ll take romance!
  • Hopeless romantic news.
  • Satin sheets : a newsletter of romantic reading & living.
  • Rubies in the darkness : a magazine of traditional romantic and spiritually inspired poetry.
  • Room for romance. Great Britain and Ireland : the ultimate guide to romantic hotels.
  • The best places to kiss in Southern California : a romantic travel guide.
  • A moon, a girl, romance.
  • Ghosts : a magazine of romance and reason.
  • The romance of a great newspaper.
  • Sensation. A record of thrilling incidents & journal of sensational romance.

For more romance and love serials, as well as weird and wonderful titles in general, take a look in SUNCAT.

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