Jan 292015

SUNCAT will be upgraded in the middle of next week with a release including a number of new features and fixes to some existing bugs.

The most significant new addition will enable you to browse as well as search SUNCAT. You can access the browse options by clicking on the link underneath the search boxes on the homepage or from the navigation menu on the left hand side of the other pages.

New browse feature

New browse feature


There are a range of indexes available for browsing including:
• Exact Title
• Subject Headings
• Author
• Publisher

Entering a term and browsing on any of the indexes will take you to the nearest point on that index and enable you to browse alphabetically forwards and backwards.

Browse options

Browse options


Other new features comprise:
• Improvements to how the Institution and Format filters interact on the search results page. You will be able to filter your results to a particular institution AND you can then filter further to see just electronic or print items at that institution.
• Improvements to the responsive design so that SUNCAT should now work better on your tablet or mobile.
• Plus a range of fixes which will help the service run more smoothly and intuitively.

We hope you find the new functionality helpful and easy to use, please let us have any feedback via the “Contact” link at the foot of all the SUNCAT pages or via the EDINA helpdesk at edina@ed.ac.uk.

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Oct 292013

We are delighted to announce that updating of the database has been started after the upgrading of the Aleph software from version 18 to version 20.  The upgrading means that the service is able to take advantage of development work carried out on our behalf by Ex Libris.  Amongst other things the matching has been improved.

It took much longer than anticipated to complete the upgrading process and consequently there is a rather large backlog of files holding updating information.  Every effort will be made to bring the database up-to-date as quickly as possible and, as usual, there will be weekly blog posts listing which Contributing Libraries have been updated in the previous 7 days.

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