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Today (2nd July) is World UFO Day. It is dedicated to the existence of Unidentified Flying Objects and is celebrated to raise awareness about the undoubted existence of UFO’s and intelligent beings from outer space. This day is also used to encourage governments to declassify their knowledge about sightings throughout the history.

Below is a fascinating chart from the collections of The National Archives, one of our Contributing Libraries, showing Unidentified Flying Object sightings in the years ranging from 1947 to 1970.

An image of a UFO sightings chart showing drawings of UFOs sighted in years ranging from 1947 to 1970.

UFO Sightings Chart. The National Archives, c.1969.

Of course, there are some great weird and wonderful UFO periodical titles in SUNCAT.

  • Flying saucers.
  • The APRO bulletin / Aerial Phenomena Research Organization
  • Magic saucer : a magazine of unidentified flying objects for under 18s.
  • Quest international : the journal of UFO investigation.
  • UFO Info. Exchange Library.
  • Australian flying saucer review.
  • Flying saucers are fact.
  • Skeptics UFO newsletter.
  • The MUFON UFO journal. (Mutual Unidentified Flying Object Network unidentified flying object journal)
  • Journal of transient aerial phenomena.
  • Sightings : S.
  • Mystero.
  • The U F O pulse analyzer.
  • The Swamp gas journal.
  • The Flying saucer collector.
  • Synchronicity : the journal of the Anomalous Phenomena Research Agency.
  • Alien encounters.
  • Truth seekers review : publication of Truthseekers Research International.
  • The unopened files : access a number of well kept secrets …
  • Phenomenal news from Scotland.
  • Alien worlds : the search for extra terrestrial life.
  • Seriously strange magazine.
  • Into the unknown.
  • Odyssey : the strange truth about UFO’s.
  • Roswell : your travel guide to the UFO capital of the world!
  • Anomalous phenomenon review.
  • International who’s who in ufology directory.

For more titles with an extraterrestrial theme and other weird and wonderful titles take a look in SUNCAT.

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