Feb 142014

There has been a lot of water these past few weeks, causing destruction and disruption. Let’s hope that the heavy rain soon abates so that the water levels lower.  In the meantime, here are some flood, water and rain-themed serial titles found in SUNCAT.

  • Directory of flood officials.
  • Flood and Field.
  • Box of rain.
  • Dry rain.
  • Sweet falling rain.
  • Rain-Belt farmer.
  • Through the wind & rain : a Liverpool fanzine.
  • Rainmakers & potstirrers.
  • Rainy day corner.
  • Unscheduled events.
  • Natural hazards.
  • Burning water.
  • Proceedings / International Symposium on Urban Storm Runoff.
  • Water flying.
  • The Water plot.
  • Water on stone.
  • Water wings for success.
  • Snow goer’s water goer.
  • Weeping Water splash.
  • Water in the news.
  • The Shallow water sailor.
  • Water lifting devices.
  • Water scooter business.
  • More water under the bridge.
  • Hot water jet skier magazine.
  • Watershapes.
  • Kingston’s residents and tourists guide with maps to what’s doing in Cornwall, fine or wet with high and low water tide tables.

For more rain, water and flooding titles, as well as other weird and wonderful serials take a look at the new-look SUNCAT.

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