Oct 032013

Today (3rd October 2013) is National Poetry Day. It is a nationwide celebration of poetry, aiming to ‘shake poetry from its dust-jacket and into the nations’ streets, offices, shops, playgrounds, train stations and airwaves’. This year’s theme is ‘water, water everywhere’, which is one of the one of the nation’s best-known (and most-frequently misquoted) lines of poetry. To celebrate this day we have found some weird and wonderful water-themed titles. We also have some weird and wonderful poetry title posts. Just search for ‘poetry’ on our blog or click on the word ‘poetry‘ in the tag cloud.

  • Down the water and weekly chit-chat.
  • Jet skier & personal watercraft.
  • Water from the moon.
  • Water Matters.
  • The Water wheel.
  • Waterintobeer fanzine.
  • Water works : green solutions for a blue planet.
  • WET News: Water & Effluent Treatment News
  • wH2O The Journal of Gender and Water.
  • Where Has All the Water Gone?: A Citizen’s Guide to Water Conservation in Florida.
  • Who’s who in European water.
  • Cloud : bringing water to the seed / Michael Thorp (Editor).
  • Two with water.
  • Water lifting devices.
  • Water melon comic.
  • Wh2o’s wh2o in western Canada’s waterworks & wastewater industry : membership & buyers’ guide.
  • Wood and water.
  • Pacific diver and underwater adventure.
  • SPUMS journal / South Pacific Underwater Medicine Society.
  • Underwater acoustics.
  • The Underwater letter.
  • Pond ripples.
  • Amphibian voice : newsletter of the Adopt-a-Pond Programme / Metro Toronto Zoo.
  • Big pond rumours : the zine.
  • The Geneva pond bubbles.
  • Pond biz magazine.
  • Pondstuffs!
  • Burning river news.
  • Carrot River stewardship news : riparian management in a cultivated landscape.
  • CRACK : the newsletter of the Campaign for River Access for Canoes and Kayaks.
  • Thief River Falls times.
  • Get hooked on the river.
  • Burning water.
  • Mad River herald.
  • Annual ball, Canal Zone police.
  • Just add water.
  • The butty : the magazine for the Kennet & Avon Canal.
  • Gongoozler.

For more water-themed serials and other weird and wonderful titles take a look in SUNCAT.

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Jun 062013

April is National Poetry Month. To mark this occasion we have searched SUNCAT for weird and wonderful poetry titles. Hope you enjoyed the first instalment. Here is this second!

  • My favorite bullet.
  • The paper nautilus.
  • PigeonBike.
  • Ploplop.
  • The poetry of surrender : by SubVerse writers.
  • Poor old tired horse.
  • The Records of love: or, Weekly amusements for the fair sex.
  • Runnin’ on empty.
  • School : from two sides of the desk.
  • Slow dancer.
  • Snow monkey.
  • Spectacular diseases.
  • Unmuzzled ox.
  • Veer off.
  • A wigman to wind the sun up.
  • Brown sweater free poems.
  • The female preceptor : containing essays, chiefly on the duties of the female sex; with a variety of useful and polite literature, poems, &c. :embellished with several beautiful engravings / conducted by a lady.
  • The good child’s reward: : containing a series of poems and essays, on natural, moral, and religious subjects. To which is prefixed, An affectionate address on the duties and obligations they owe to God and their parents. / By Henry Sharpe Horsley. Illustrated by upwards of one hundred engravings.
  • Kamikaze sheep : an anthology of poems and short stories.
  • Litter : more poems from The Pig Press.
  • Out from beneath the boot : poems.
  • Brittle star.
  • Crazy horse.
  • Deliberately thirsty.
  • Fine madness.
  • Hot gun!
  • A love gift for …
  • Moodswing. (“A pocket broadsheet from the ’Grim’ North delivering the goods whatever the emotional weather.”)

For more poetry titles and  other weird and wonderful serials take a look in SUNCAT.

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Jun 062013

April is National Poetry Month. To mark this occasion we have searched SUNCAT for weird and wonderful poetry titles. There are so many that we thought that we would have two instalments!

  • The Amaranth. A Semi – Monthly Publication, Devoted to Polite Literature, Science, Poetry and Amusement.
  • Amethyst arsenic : poetry and art.
  • Bad poetry quarterly.
  • The comic almanack : an ephemeris in jest and ernest containing merry tales, humourous poetry, quips, and oddities / by Thackeray, Albert Smith, Gilbert à Beckett, the Brothers Mayhew … ; illustrations by George Cruikshank and other artists.
  • Full of Crow poetry.
  • Half drunk muse.
  • The illustrated ape : fiction, pictures, poetry, pop!.
  • The long grass waving : poetry and prose from members of the after school clubs at Ironville & Codnor Park Primary school.
  • Meat plough : the journal of trangressive poetry and art.
  • Miscellanies over claret, or, the friends to the tavern, the best friends to poetry being a collection of poems, translations, etc. to be continued monthly from the Rose-Tavern without Temple-Bar.
  • A narrow fellow : journal of poetry.
  • Oddrot : the journal of funny bizarre and subversive poetry.
  • Parody: poetry for the world as it really is.
  • Poetry of my shoulders.
  • Wheels : a vehicle for modern poetry.
  • xStream.
  • Averse to poetry.
  • Beyond bones.
  • Dark lady poetry.
  • Literal latté.
  • Hearse : a vehicle used to convey the dead.
  • Mastodon dentist : a poetry magazine.
  • Message from nowhere = Message de nulle part : collection of poetry, drawings & criticism / edited by E.L.T. Mesens.
  • Risk behaviour : poems from the Poetry business competition.
  • Affection’s keepsake.
  • The bitter oleander.
  • Bo heem e um.
  • Bright pink mosquito.
  • Penny dreadful : tales and poems of fantastic terror.
  • Random acts of writing.

Look out for our next instalment of weird and wonderful poetry titles later this month.

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Oct 042012

Today (4th October) is National Poetry Day. In celebration of this fact here are soem weird and wonderful poetry titles found in SUNCAT.

  • Amethyst arsenic : poetry and art.
  • Bad poetry quarterly.
  • The Bibelot, a Reprint of Poetry and Prose for Book Lovers, Chosen in Part From Scarce Editions and Sources Not Generally Known.
  • Bumble jacket miscellany : a miscellany for poetry and fiction.
  • Coconut poetry magazine.
  • Half drunk muse.
  • Oddrot : the journal of funny bizarre and subversive poetry.
  • Poetry is dead.
  • Symtex & grimmer : a magazine of contemporary poetry.
  • Waifs and strays. A terminal magazine of Oxford poetry.
  • The ballot, a political poem, by a snob.
  • Echoes of Gilgamesh the long poem magazine.
  • Affection’s keepsake.
  • Anarchist angel youth poetry quarterly.
  • Brittle star.
  • Cabinet of curiosities.
  • Deliberately thirsty.
  • Grilled flowers. Special issue series
  • Hot gun!
  • Moodswing.
  • PigeonBike.
  • Ploplop.
  • Poetmeat.
  • Poor old tired horse.
  • The quiet feather.
  • The Stinging fly.
  • The ugly tree.
  • Unmuzzled ox.
  • Verbal abuse.
  • Water from the moon.
  • A wigman to wind the sun up.
  • The Windless orchard.

For more poetry titles and other weird and wonderful serials take a look at SUNCAT.

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