Feb 062015

Tomorrow (February 7th) is National Libraries Day 2015. If, like the SUNCAT team, you love libraries, show it! Follow @NatLibrariesDay and check out #NLD15 on Twitter, like their FaceBook page, visit a library and event.

An image of the British Museum Reading Room

The Reading Room of the British Museum, 2004. Photograph taken by Riccardo Cambiassi (https://www.flickr.com/people/43671130115@N01). [CC BY 2.0 Generic (http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/2.0/deed.en)], via Wikimedia Commons.

Here are some weird and wonderful titles with a reading theme from some of our 100 Contributing Libraries, plus CONSER, DOAJ and ISSN databases.

  • Read me.
  • Read this magazine.
  • The clicked and the read.
  • Learn to read with groovy animals!
  • Black & white & read all over.
  • I love to read Batman and Superman.
  • What romance do I read next?
  • The read all about all reg’d.
  • Have you read this?
  • Pepper Street the read-with-Mum weekly.
  • I’m too busy to read marketing report service.
  • Feet : what to read – South West Thames Regional Library Service.
  • Read these rules for running trains, & c. : with great care to notice changes / Boston and Maine Railroad.
  • La di da : a damned fine read for northern high society.
  • Mad dogs & Englishmen : the magazine to read in the midday sun.
  • The chap-book : being a miscellany of curious and interesting songs, ballads, tales, histories, &c. : adorned with a variety of pictures and very delightful to read.
  • The New Excitement; or, a book to induce young people to read; for 1838(-40). By the editor of the latter volumes of the Excitement.
  • Every Englishman’s French Journal, enabling everyone to read French with facility, by aid of copious explanations. no. 1-12.
  • Reading it write.
  • Cardiff Corvey : reading the romantic text.
  • The Reading ripple.
  • Candle light reading.
  • The Tessy & Tab reading club.
  • Die Reading Post.
  • Galaxy. A Magazine of Entertaining Reading.
  • The Home budget of wholesome reading for homely folk.
  • The Pearl, a monthly journal of facetiæ and voluptuous reading.
  • Marginalia: The Journal of the Medieval Reading Group at the University of Cambridge.
  • The New York Merry Masker. An illustrated journal of humorous and entertaining reading. vol. 1. no. 1. Oct. 1875.
  • The Hilton bedside book : a treasury of entertaining reading, selected exclusively for the guests of the Hilton Hotels.

For all manner of titles, weird and wonderful as well as generally fantastic, take a look in SUNCAT.

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Feb 082013

Tomorrow (Saturday 9th February) is National Libraries Day. To celebrate libraries and all the fantastic material they hold here are some weird and wonderful serials found in SUNCATwith a library and librarian theme.

  • The Nugget weekly … : combining The Prairie, Detective, and Robin Hood libraries.
  • Polar libraries bulletin
  • Reading light : Oxford University libraries readers’ newsletter.
  • Scalable Parallel Libraries Conference
  • Taking stock : libraries and the book trade : journal of the National Acquisitions Group.
  • What Croydon reads.
  • Wilpower : Women in Libraries newsletter.
  • Books, bytes and buildings : strategic plan for the library service.
  • Cowboy adventure library.
  • At your service : for deans and directors of research libraries.
  • Australian play matters : journal of the Australian Toy Libraries Association.
  • Behind the shelves : Hereford and Worcester County Libraries staff magazine.
  • High roller. (Nevada Library Association.)
  • The Librarian : being an account of scarce valuable, and useful English books, manuscript libraries, public records, &c. &c / By James Savage.
  • Show-me libraries.
  • Stress : an information bulletin on libraries and local government reorganisation in Yorkshire / produced by the Yorkshire Branch of the Library Association.
  • WULOP : Westminster union list of periodicals.
  • Between librarians : journal of the Maryland Library Association.
  • Cassette scrutiny : a journal for librarians & library users.
  • From the State librarian’s desk.
  • Fundraising for the small public library : a how-to-do-it manual for librarians / James Swan.
  • Game for a LAFF : the fanzine for Librarians As Football Fans.
  • Harrod’s librarians’ glossary of terms used in librarianship, documentation and the book crafts, and reference book.
  • How to do it manual for librarians.
  • Librarians at liberty
  • Librarians for the Alliance : for librarians interested in Liberal and SDP policies.
  • Matter of fax : a directory of fax numbers and email addresses for librarians, archivists and information scientists.
  • Ogle : Newsletter Committee of the Ontario Government Librarians Council.
  • Grassroots for high risque librarians.
SUNCAT now contains the serials records of 89 libraries, from academic and research libraries through to special libraries and National Libraries, and the number is growing.Take a look at our Contributing Libraries map to see where they are located and what their contact details are.
Follow what libraries are doing for National Libraries Day on Twitter by following @NatLibrariesDay and checking out the hashtags #LoveLibraries and #NLD13.
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Feb 072013

On Monday, 4th February, one of the SUNCAT Project Officers kicked off the Twitter Takeover of the Voices for the Library (@VoicesLibrary) in the run-up to National Libraries Day on Saturday, 9th February. Check out Twitter for #nld13 to see what libraries across the UK are doing.

To give a bit of background:
Voices for the Library (@ukpling) describes itself as “Publicising the Public Library Services in the UK and the work librarians do.” Their sister Twitter account is @VoicesLibrary, which has a “new librarian every day”. As described in an earlier blog post, a call was put out on the LIS-PROFESSION mailing list, asking for librarians from all walks of life who would be willing to talk about where they work, and what makes it so special. Natasha Aburrow-Jones (@TashaAJ), the SUNCAT bibliographic Project Officer, was selected to kick off a week of diverse librarians talking about their roles (others include a museum librarian, a public librarian, an art librarian, an NHS librarian and a University librarian).

Natasha says:
“I applied to be one of the Voices for the Library in the run-up to National Libraries Day as I wanted to tell everyone what a fantastic service SUNCAT is, and how the team behind it are so dedicated to their work. I also wanted to point out that SUNCAT is not merely a librarian’s tool – it’s available for anyone (everyone!) to use.
I was somewhat surprised / most honoured to be selected to be the first Voice; I presumed that my role was so specialised, that it wouldn’t have great appeal to everyone. However, that presumption seems to have been blown out of the water with the comments I’ve received since undertaking the #TwitterTakeover!”

Over the course of the working day, Natasha issued 42 tweets, mainly covering the work that lies behind SUNCAT, to show what happens during the average SUNCAT day. This included talking about the range of libraries that contribute data to SUNCAT, the continual updating of the database, the “Weird and Wonderful” titles found in SUNCAT (and are blogged about thematically), data munging, ease of searching SUNCAT and what a timesaver it is, etc. She also mentioned the new interface that SUNCAT will be having in the near future.

A Storify made up of the tweets has been put together, and can be found here:
You can look at the tweets as they happened, and the responses.

There was much re-tweeting, spreading as far as Sweden, the United States and Australia. It also meant new followers for both @TashaAJ and @suncatteam. Comments included:
(On the new SUNCAT interface) “Wow, that looks very different. I rely on SUNCAT to identify libraries to source articles for ILL requests.”
“Are you doing a “Weird & wonderful” libraries SUNCAT post for National Libraries Day?” – we are now! The post will be put up on Friday, in time for National Libraries Day on the 9th February.
“I’ve never used SUNCAT so I learnt a lot!”

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Feb 042013

You may have seen a recent call on LIS-PROFESSION for a call for a Twitter takeover of the Voices for the Library account to celebrate National Libraries Day on the 9th February. The call said:
What do Librarians actually do? As part of National Libraries Day, we want to celebrate librarians of all shapes and sizes. A librarian a day will take over our sister account @ukpling and share their experiences of working in the library and information profession.

Well, you might be interested to know that the first Twitter takeover on Monday 4th February will be none other than @TashaAJ – normally known as Natasha Aburrow-Jones, the SUNCAT Bibliographic Project Officer.

@VoicesLibrary said it best:
Interested in finding out more about what goes on at SUNCAT Union Serial Catalogue? Our first tweeter for #nld13 is @TashaAJ. Starts 4/2/13

Feel free to follow either @VoicesLibrary and/or @TashaAJ and see what goes on in the SUNCATteam!

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Feb 022012

It is National Libraries Day this Saturday (4th February). Celebrate and support libraries of all kinds by visiting them and using the services they provide. SUNCAT now contains serials records of 82 academic, research and National libraries, and this number is growing. Take a look at our Contributing Libraries map to see where they are located and for their contact details. Follow what libraries near you are doing by checking out these hashtags on Twitter: #LoveLibraries; #SaveLibraries; #NLD12.

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