Jul 022015

SUNCAT is pleased to announce that the serial records of Manchester Central Library (formerly Manchester Public Libraries) have just been re-loaded into the service. Just over 2,500 of its serials records have been added to SUNCAT’s database. The total number of libraries in SUNCAT is 101, plus the CONSER database, ISSN register and Directory of Open Access Journals.

Manchester Central Library first joined SUNCAT back in October 2006. It’s records were temporarily removed from SUNCAT in 2010 due to it closing for major renovation. It is SUNCAT’s one and only Contributing Library which is a public library. If you are from a public library service and think that you might be interested in becoming a SUNCAT Contributing Library please get in touch by contacting the EDINA helpdesk at edina@ed.ac.uk.

Apr 062010

The holdings of Manchester Public Libraries have been temporarily removed from SUNCAT at the Library’s request. This is due to the Central Library being closed for major renovation. The Library is not due to re-open until 2013.

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Feb 112010

Two of SUNCAT’s Contributing Libraries are closed (or to be closed) for major refurbishment. The Royal Society’s Library and Archives are currently closed for renovation and will be re-launched in mid-2010 as the Royal Society Centre for the History of Science. As a result there is no access to its collections until at least June 2010.
Manchester Central Library will be closing in July 2010, due to re-open in 2013. The Central Library has to be completely emptied before work can begin and the stock (more than 22 miles of shelving) put into storage for the duration of the closure. The library will close in phases and the last department leaves the building by mid-June. An interim city centre library will be provided for the duration of the refurbishment period commencing Spring 2010. Stock from the Central Library will not be accessible during the closure period.

SUNCAT is the Serials Union Catalogue for the UK. Visit the service at http://www.suncat.ac.uk or the SUNCAT blog at http://suncatblog.blogspot.com
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