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Today, as well as it being Halloween, it is National Magic Day in the U.S.. This is in honour of Harry Houdini, the world-famous illusionist and stunt performer, who died on this day in 1926. To mark National Magic Day we have put together a list of weird and wonderful magic titles.

  • Journal for the academic study of magic.
  • Maddock’s magic searchlight.
  • Goodliffe’s magic monthly / Goodliffe, magician.
  • Magic May.
  • Spell binder : monthly magazine of micro magic.
  • Trixigram.
  • Magic for the millions : a magic periodical containing nearly 250 illustrated secret tricks on Hindu magic, handcuff tricks, juggling, parlor tricks, ventriloquism, magnetism, paper tricks, etc., etc. : the secrets herein are worth at least $25.00.
  • Demon telegraph.
  • The escape wizard.
  • Magicol.
  • Llewellyn’s … witches’ spell-a-day almanac : holiday & lore, spells & recipes, rituals & meditations.
  • The wizard : an illustrated monthly journal for conjurers, concert artistes, and all entertainers.
  • The magic key : a magazine devoted to the mystic art.
  • Bill Goldman’s magic bar & grill.
  • Impromptu thrixter.
  • Psychic fakery.
  • Conjuriana.
  • Tommy Windsor’s dope sheet. – “The official organ of the deceptive order of prestidigitorial entertainers.”
  • Alakazam!
  • Ghosts : a magazine of romance and reason.
  • Phosphor : a surrealist luminescence.
  • MUM : magic, unity, might.
  • The Paranormal misadventures of Zombie Dave.
  • The Conjuror’s magazine, or, Magical and physiognomical mirror : including Lavater’s Essays on physiognomy.
  • The star of truth / composed by spirits.
  • A.W.S. : the official organ of the Associated Wizards of the South.

For more magical journal titles and other weird and wonderful serials take a look at the new-look SUNCAT.

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