Oct 172011

Back in July of this year a guide was produced highlighting how to integrate SUNCAT into your library website and services. SUNCAT would be very interested to hear back from anyone who has implemented any of the suggestions to find out:

– What you did?
– How it’s working?
– Have you experienced any problems?
– Is anything further we could do to help?
– Any feedback you have in general.

If you have any feedback please contact Zena Mulligan at zena.mulligan@ed.ac.uk or via the EDINA helpdesk at edina@ed.ac.uk.

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Jul 112011

We have created a quick guide to integrating SUNCAT into your library services and website, available at http://www.suncat.ac.uk/docs/integrate_suncat.pdf

The guide highlights SUNCAT applications, in addition to the benefits of adding SUNCAT to your:
– Link resolver
– Federated or cross search service
– Library catalogue
– Website

Please contact us at edina.ed.ac.uk if you have any queries about the information in the guide or to order print copies of this guide or the SUNCAT flyer.

SUNCAT is the Serials Union Catalogue for the UK. Visit the service at http://www.suncat.ac.uk or the SUNCAT blog at http://suncatblog.blogspot.com
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