Oct 052012
Happy 50th Anniversary James Bond! Today (5th October) is James Bond Day , so here is the perfect excuse to bring to you James Bond titles found in SUNCAT.
  • 007 dossiers secrets.
  • 007 extra : the newsletter of the James Bond 007 Fan Club.
  • 007 spy files.
  • Bondage / James Bond 007 Fan Club.
  • Double-0-seven magazine.
  • Goldeneye : the magazine of the Ian Fleming Foundation.
  • The James Bond car collection.
  • James Bond’s DB5.
  • Shaken not stirred / a publication of the Ian Fleming Foundation.
  • James Bond – 007 premiere crossword puzzles.
  • James Bond for your eyes only
Your mission, should you accept it, is to search SUNCAT for more weird and wonderful espionage and secret intelligence titles. Report to M for debriefing when you are done, but make an appointment with Miss Moneypenny first!
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