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Today (8th March) is International Women’s Day. To celebrate we have selected some weird and wonderful titles with the theme of women. Many of these titles can be found at the Women’s Library, which is now part of the London School of Economics and Political Science. The Women’s Library “is Europe’s largest collection of material relating to the lives of women, as well as being a key part of British heritage.”

  • Ain’t I a woman? : a Midwest newspaper of women’s liberation
  • Battleaxe : the new labour movement paper for women
  • Double shift: working women’s newsletter
  • Girl frenzy : by women for people
  • Listen real loud : news of women’s liberation worldwide
  • Myra’s journal of dress and fashion.
  • Msprint : a Scottish feminist publication
  • New mango season : Caribbean women’s writing
  • Power of women : magazine of the International Wages for Housework Campaign
  • Red letter : for women who love good stories
  • Scope : magazine of the Women’s Gas Federation and Young Homemakers
  • The scarlet women : or, revolt : newletter of the socialist current in the women’s liberation movement
  • Skirting through history : the her-story newsletter for all women
  • WHAM! : women, heritage and museums
  • Wilpower : Women in Libraries newsletter.
  • Women : listen to your mothers, don’t succumb to the wishes of your brothers, take a step back.
  • Among women : the awesome power of woman.
  • Driven to Madness, or the Vengeance of a Jealous Woman, etc. [A tale.]
  • I.M. cowgirl : the life of the western woman.
  • Sloane ideas for the urbane woman .
  • Whomanwarp.
  • You go girl an e-zine for the mid-life woman.
  • The Woman’s Dreadnought : Published by the East London Federation of the Suffragettes .(by the Workers’ Suffrage Federation) – Edited by Sylvia Pankhurst.
  • Aunt Edna’s reading list.

For more titles related to women and other weird and wonderful serials take at look in SUNCAT.

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