Jun 272011

This is a notification of some scheduled downtime on the SUNCAT Z39.50 service on Thursday 30th June. This downtime will only affect Z39.50 access to SUNCAT, not the web OPAC.

We hope to switch from newcat.edina.ac.uk to z.suncat.ac.uk shortly before the downtime so you may want to change your Z39.50 configuration to point to z.suncat.ac.uk, ensuring continual Z39.50 access throughout the downtime.

Please check the SUNCAT blog on Thursday for confirmation and details of the change.

Please contact the EDINA helpdesk at edina@ed.ac.uk if you have any queries

SUNCAT is the Serials Union Catalogue for the UK. Visit the service at http://www.suncat.ac.uk or the SUNCAT blog at http://suncatblog.blogspot.com
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