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D2D@E&M is a JISC funded one year project being managed by EDINA and Mimas. The purpose of the project is to enhance the user experience with discovery services, firstly by improving interoperability between services, secondly by introducing personalisation possibilities for the services and thirdly by providing users with a series of options to move to final access and delivery services. The improved facilities will be available via a Scholarly Communications website. The key services involved are SUNCAT (EDINA), Copac (Mimas) and Zetoc (Mimas). The different aspects of the Project are being designed in the light of comments, feedback etc. from groups of actual and potential users, including researchers and library staff.

The project started on 1st August 2008 and is due to be completed on 31st July 2009.

Further details are available at:


SUNCAT is the Serials Union Catalogue for the UK. Visit the service at http://www.suncat.ac.uk.
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Jan 232008

The SUNCAT team recently held a teleconference with Janifer Gatenby and John MacColl from OCLC to discuss collaborating on a project to enhance discovery to delivery. OCLC have recently loaded 30 million articles into WorldCat and discussions led to the idea for a scoping study, using a sample of around 30,000 electronic serials. The aim of the study is to investigate joining up discovery to delivery including article level information and connecting to the wider content of a serial, including articles in the same issue or to related articles in other issues of the same serial. This will involve consideration of the creation of an electronic serials registry which would have the potential to be usable as a CLOCKSS and serials registry and/or as an authority file for the serials.

The group are also interested in investigating work related to FRBR and the clustering of material at work level. As a union catalogue, SUNCAT has experience of matching serials at work level, while WorldCat has done work on identifying work clusters. Collaboration would benefit both services, assisting the process of distinguishing different expressions of a work and their related metadata, clustering these at work level and hence reducing duplication.

A background paper is currently being prepared by OCLC and this will inform the next meeting to be held in March.

SUNCAT is the Serials Union Catalogue for the UK. Visit the service at http://www.suncat.ac.uk.
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