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Today (6th October) is National Badger Day,which celebrates how magnificent and important one of the oldest native species is to the British countryside and its people. As part of the celebrations many badger groups around the UK are holding events  between the 4th and 12th October. They are very interesting animals and so it is not surprising that there are several weird and interesting titles containing ‘badger’. Disclaimer: some titles are not strictly about the animal!

Image of a postal stamp for the USSR, Zoo Relief Fund of a badger, from 1989.

Stamp of USSR, Zoo Relief Fund. Badger, 1989. Scanned and processed by A. Sdobnikov (Personal collection) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons from Wikimedia Commons.

  • Badger chess.
  • Badger buzz.
  • Badger trucker.
  • Maple Street Press Badger kickoff.
  • The Badger birder.
  • The Badger enterprise.
  • The Badger common tater.
  • The Menomonie badger.
  • The badger philatelist.
  • Badger saves the world.
  • Badger stamp notes.
  • Badger country : news and views from the Badger Brewery.
  • The Badger : newsletter of the Badge Collectors’ Circle.
  • The Badgerscope.

For more badger titles and other weird and wonderful journals take a look in SUNCAT.

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