Feb 172015

The article ‘SUNCAT: Ten Years and Beyond’ has just been published in Ariadne, the Web Magazine for Information Professionals Issue 73.

The article has been written by Celia Jenkins, SUNCAT Bibliographic Assistant – with help from her SUNCAT colleagues. It charts the beginnings of SUNCAT, from 2003 onwards, and the ways it has developed over the last ten years and more to meet the challenges and changes in scholarly communication and technology. This has included the addition of new Contributing Libraries (now totalling the magic number of 100), and the ability to link to the Table of Contents of a journal and to the full-text of the article where available. SUNCAT has also been working with other initiatives in the serials domain, such as The Keepers Registry and UKRR, to help deliver improved services to all with an interest in serials. Back in Spring 2012, SUNCAT began a process of re-development inside and out, which has been very much informed by end-user feedback. This work has already resulted in a new and much improved interface, with increased functionality, and this is continually being refined. The future of SUNCAT is a very exciting one, which is mirrored by the new possibilities now presenting themselves in the digital landscape.

We hope you enjoy reading the article!

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