Dec 132013

It’s nearly Christmas, so let’s be festive!! Christmas songs are being played or sung wherever you go, whether they are traditional carols or hymns or the usual Christmas-themed pop songs. Here are some weird and wonderful choir, carol & hymn singing titles to be found in SUNCAT.

  • Choir : a Magazine Devoted Chiefly to Church Music and Hymnology.
  • World Outlook Report 2006-2011: Academic Caps & Gowns & Judicial, Burial, Choir, Fraternal & Ecclesiastical Vestments.
  • Glory songs.
  • The Choral advocate, and singing-class journal.
  • The traditional singing weekend at Cullerlie.
  • American Idol: Should it be a Singing Contest or a Popularity Contest?.
  • The BBC Light Programme presents Let’s All Sing. A concert of student songs, sea shanties and community singing. [Programmes.]
  • Wisconsin shape-note news : promoting shape-note singing in Wisconsin.
  • Paddy Connor’s Irish song book : containing the popular songs now singing at the Theatre Royal Adelphi, by Barney Williams, the Irish lad. / Connor, Paddy.
  • The British Thalia; or Jacks of Newburys’ delight. : Being a selection of popular songs, singing at the Theatres Royal, and other places of amusement..
  • The Songster’s multum in parvo; or, New two-penny touch, for the lovers of harmony : embracing all the popular new songs singing at the theatres royal, minor places of amusement, &c
  • Hymns & choral songs for bands of hope and temperance meetings.
  • The choir : a journal chiefly devoted to the interests and advancement of church music.
  • The Muppet Christmas carol.
  • ABC TV Hootenanny folk songs.
  • Songs of the soul.
  • A selection of hymns, to be sung in the Wesleyan Reform Room … Sheffield, on Christmas Day.
  • The Ross songster : the most choice collection of facetious and sentimental songs, among which will be found many originals never before published, …
  • The casket: hymns, devotions and instructions for Catholics [compiled by E.T.M. Walker].
  • The Christians magazine: or, the Sunday’s entertainment : Containing lectures of divinity, … together with divine poems, hymns and spiritual songs, … Collected from Bishop Ken, Dr.Patrick, Dr. Watts, Mr. Burkitt, &c. To which is prefix’d, a dedication … by a clergyman of the Church of England. Adorn’d with copper plates.
  • An act of praise … to be used during the … annual conference [of the] Hymn Society of Great Britain and Ireland.

For more choir, carol and hymn singing serials and other weird and wonderful titles take a look in SUNCAT.

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Oct 312013

Today, as well as it being Halloween, it is National Magic Day in the U.S.. This is in honour of Harry Houdini, the world-famous illusionist and stunt performer, who died on this day in 1926. To mark National Magic Day we have put together a list of weird and wonderful magic titles.

  • Journal for the academic study of magic.
  • Maddock’s magic searchlight.
  • Goodliffe’s magic monthly / Goodliffe, magician.
  • Magic May.
  • Spell binder : monthly magazine of micro magic.
  • Trixigram.
  • Magic for the millions : a magic periodical containing nearly 250 illustrated secret tricks on Hindu magic, handcuff tricks, juggling, parlor tricks, ventriloquism, magnetism, paper tricks, etc., etc. : the secrets herein are worth at least $25.00.
  • Demon telegraph.
  • The escape wizard.
  • Magicol.
  • Llewellyn’s … witches’ spell-a-day almanac : holiday & lore, spells & recipes, rituals & meditations.
  • The wizard : an illustrated monthly journal for conjurers, concert artistes, and all entertainers.
  • The magic key : a magazine devoted to the mystic art.
  • Bill Goldman’s magic bar & grill.
  • Impromptu thrixter.
  • Psychic fakery.
  • Conjuriana.
  • Tommy Windsor’s dope sheet. – “The official organ of the deceptive order of prestidigitorial entertainers.”
  • Alakazam!
  • Ghosts : a magazine of romance and reason.
  • Phosphor : a surrealist luminescence.
  • MUM : magic, unity, might.
  • The Paranormal misadventures of Zombie Dave.
  • The Conjuror’s magazine, or, Magical and physiognomical mirror : including Lavater’s Essays on physiognomy.
  • The star of truth / composed by spirits.
  • A.W.S. : the official organ of the Associated Wizards of the South.

For more magical journal titles and other weird and wonderful serials take a look at the new-look SUNCAT.

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Oct 082013

Here is the fifth and last in the series of weird and wonderful music titles found in SUNCAT. The answers to last week’s quiz are:

  • Classical music – Ovation.
  • Hip-hop – Wax poetics.
  • Reggae – Boom-shacka-lacka.
  • Pop music – Swing like 60!
  • Soul – Angry voices.

Here are some other weird and wonderful music titles.

  • Suspect device
  • Tapioka.
  • Twisted nerve.
  • The Black sheep review.
  • Ugly planet.
  • Blue yodel / Indiana University Folksong Club.
  • Voice of Buddha.
  • Bag of tricks & candysticks.
  • Wool city rocker : Yorkshire’s rock magazine.
  • Young, fast, and scientific.
  • Blurt : a mighty organ.
  • Jazz not jazz.
  • Breach of the peace.
  • Elvis Costello information service.
  • Remember don’t sleep.
  • Cool and strange music! magazine.
  • Cosmik debris magazine.
  • Bored stiff till ’77.
  • Crazy rhythm : the newsletter of the Crazy Cavan ’n’ The Rhythm Rockers Fan Club.
  • A fanzine called white lemonade.
  • Foggy notions.
  • Box and fiddle.
  • No-title.
  • Situation vacant.
  • Gordon’s Koolsville magazine : doo wop, rockabilly, hillbilly, western swing, surf.
  • Mad rat magazine.
  • Strutters quarterly.
  • The fader.
  • Strange things are happening.
  • Texas hotel burning.
  • The devil’s music.
  • Pink Flamingo.
  • Bim bam boom : the magazine devoted to the history of rhythm & blues.
  • Earshot.
  • Insomniac.
  • In the key of now.

The SUNCAT team hope you enjoyed our ‘Let There Be Music’ series. For more music serials and other weird and wonderful titles take a look in SUNCAT.

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Oct 032013

Today (3rd October 2013) is National Poetry Day. It is a nationwide celebration of poetry, aiming to ‘shake poetry from its dust-jacket and into the nations’ streets, offices, shops, playgrounds, train stations and airwaves’. This year’s theme is ‘water, water everywhere’, which is one of the one of the nation’s best-known (and most-frequently misquoted) lines of poetry. To celebrate this day we have found some weird and wonderful water-themed titles. We also have some weird and wonderful poetry title posts. Just search for ‘poetry’ on our blog or click on the word ‘poetry‘ in the tag cloud.

  • Down the water and weekly chit-chat.
  • Jet skier & personal watercraft.
  • Water from the moon.
  • Water Matters.
  • The Water wheel.
  • Waterintobeer fanzine.
  • Water works : green solutions for a blue planet.
  • WET News: Water & Effluent Treatment News
  • wH2O The Journal of Gender and Water.
  • Where Has All the Water Gone?: A Citizen’s Guide to Water Conservation in Florida.
  • Who’s who in European water.
  • Cloud : bringing water to the seed / Michael Thorp (Editor).
  • Two with water.
  • Water lifting devices.
  • Water melon comic.
  • Wh2o’s wh2o in western Canada’s waterworks & wastewater industry : membership & buyers’ guide.
  • Wood and water.
  • Pacific diver and underwater adventure.
  • SPUMS journal / South Pacific Underwater Medicine Society.
  • Underwater acoustics.
  • The Underwater letter.
  • Pond ripples.
  • Amphibian voice : newsletter of the Adopt-a-Pond Programme / Metro Toronto Zoo.
  • Big pond rumours : the zine.
  • The Geneva pond bubbles.
  • Pond biz magazine.
  • Pondstuffs!
  • Burning river news.
  • Carrot River stewardship news : riparian management in a cultivated landscape.
  • CRACK : the newsletter of the Campaign for River Access for Canoes and Kayaks.
  • Thief River Falls times.
  • Get hooked on the river.
  • Burning water.
  • Mad River herald.
  • Annual ball, Canal Zone police.
  • Just add water.
  • The butty : the magazine for the Kennet & Avon Canal.
  • Gongoozler.

For more water-themed serials and other weird and wonderful titles take a look in SUNCAT.

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Oct 012013

Here is the fourth in the series of weird and wonderful music titles found in SUNCAT.

The answers to last week’s quiz, which was to guess the genre the given titles referred to, are:

  • Leap : the magazine for Britain’s club casualties. – Rave/Dance music
  • No depression. – Country music
  • Elemental. – Rap/Hip-hop
  • No more masterpieces. – Punk rock

For this week’s quiz can you tell which titles refer to each of the following genres: classical; hip-hop; pop; reggae; and soul? N.B. Only one title applies to each genre. Answers will appear in the next ‘Let There Be Music’ blog post.

  • The revolution will not be televised.
  • Rhubarb bomb.
  • The cotton patch rag.
  • Wax poetics.
  • Ricochet! Ricochet!
  • Rockin’ bones.
  • Fo’c’s’le.
  • Safe as milk.
  • Samurai jam.
  • Ovation.
  • Sanity is boring.
  • Mugwumps.
  • Satan’s fishtank.
  • HAGL. (Have a good laugh)
  • Come for to sing.
  • Boom-shacka-lacka.
  • Reassess your weapons.
  • A sense of purpose.
  • Angry voices.
  • Shot from all sides.
  • Bandits one to five.
  • Sick sounds.
  • Swing like 60!.
  • Gardyloo.
  • Skipping kitten.
  • Slow dazzle.
  • Slug & lettuce : a zine supporting the do-it-yourself ethics of the punk community.
  • Generic drivel.
  • Stand & deliver.
  • The Devil’s box.
  • Station alien.
  • Penguin eggs.
  • Stringent measures.
  • Sugar beat!.

Look out for the fifth in the series of music serials coming soon! For other weird and wonderful titles take a look in SUNCAT.

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Sep 252013

It is now officially Autumn, a time when leaves change colour, mornings are crisper and the nights start to draw in. To mark the new season we have brought together a few Autumn-themed weird and wonderful titles which can all be found in SUNCAT.

Taken by Pearl Photo. Some rights reserved (CC BY-NC-SA 2.0) –

  • Autumn leaves : the official magazine of Mostly Autumn.
  • Autumn tints newsletter.
  • Dark horses autumn guide.
  • Autumn harvest sale / Spring Hill Nurseries.
  • Harvest home : or, instruction and amusement for the fire-side : consisting of tales, moral and humorous; histories, narratives, adventures, anecdotes, &c ….
  • In the Autumn of the unfortunates.
  • “New and Old:” for Seed-Time and Harvest. A parochial magazine … Illustrated. Edited by C. Gutch.
  • Walt Disney’s autumn adventures.
  • The harvest of opportunity / Potato Marketing Board.
  • The Autumn gale.
  • Hymns and choral songs for harvest festivals.
  • Deakin’s stray leaves.
  • Falling leaves.
  • Fly-leaves.
  • Five leaves left.
  • Friendly leaves.
  • Gathered leaves.
  • Glimpse : Golden Leaves newsletter / Golden Leaves Funeral Plans.
  • Leaves of healing.
  • The “Lisp of Leaves.” (A magazine for discerning people.) vol. 1. no. 1-9. April-Dec. 1949.

For more Autumn titles and other weird and wonderful serials take a look in SUNCAT.


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Sep 232013

Here is the third in the series of weird and wonderful music titles found in SUNCAT.

The answer to last week’s quiz question, which was to name the title given in the post which refers to rave music, is:

The positive energy of madness.

For this week’s quiz can you guess which musical genres the following titles refer to?

  • Leap : the magazine for Britain’s club casualties
  • No depression
  • Elemental.
  • No more masterpieces.

Here are some other weird and wonderful music titles.

  • Rocking chair.
  • Piping world.
  • Less than zero.
  • 5678 country : the dance magazine for country & line dance.
  • Let’s be adult about this.
  • Life in a void.
  • A little angry in a very nice place.
  • TCDS. (Terribly complex drainage system.)
  • Life in the jungle : the magazine of the official Walter Trout Band Fan Club.
  • Loose lips sink ships.
  • Manchester la la la.
  • Bald cactus.
  • Mega thrash megazine.
  • The devil’s music.
  • Mounting tension.
  • New musickal excess : NMX.
  • Blah blah blah.
  • Flying Dutchman.
  • Off-White Lies.
  • K-bar-T country roundup.
  • One two testing.
  • Incredible shrinking fabzine.
  • Club sandwich : Wings own paper.
  • Pretty but schizo.
  • Bleak horizon zine.
  • Rapid eye movement.
  • The Jazzologist.
  • Let’s catch the beat!
  • Remember who we are.
  • Coal country crier.

Look out for the fourth in the series of music serials coming soon! For other weird and wonderful titles take a look in SUNCAT.

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Sep 182013

Tomorrow (19th September) is International Talk Like a Pirate Day. So whether you think “Ahoy there, matey!” or Captain Jack Sparrow, take a look at some of the pirate-related titles found in SUNCAT and find your inner-pirate!

Captain Jack Sparrow (Madame Tussauds)
By Steve Berry from Hertfordshire, UK (Johnny Depp) [CC-BY-2.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

  • The Aberdeen pirate.
  • Behold : the pirate pig.
  • Ted and Frank’s True Treasure Monthly : hoards, shipwrecks, robbery loot, pirate booty, lost fortunes in Britain and Europe.
  • Tragical calendar, and pirate’s own almanac.
  • Violet Miranda, girl pirate.
  • Australian gem & treasure hunter.
  • Bottles and relics news.
  • The Galveston treasure chest.
  • The “Jolly” treasure chest.
  • Leisure, Pleasure, Treasure.
  • Lost treasure’s treasure cache.
  • The Toddler’s Treasure.
  • Treasure : early steps to looking and learning.
  • Treasure facts : how-to guide for treasure hunters.
  • Treasure quest magazine : the journal of lost treasure, shipwrecks, and recovery.
  • True treasure monthly : hoards, wrecks, lost fortunes in Britain and Europe.
  • The youth’s pictorial treasure.
  • Relic hunter the magazine for the searcher and detectorist.
  • Companion parrot quarterly.
  • Parrot world : a publication of the National Parrot Association.

For more treasures and other weird and wonderful titles take a look in SUNCAT.

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Sep 162013

Here is the second in the series of weird and wonderful music titles found in SUNCAT.

The answers to last week’s quiz are:

Gospel – You can!

Jazz – Different drummer.

Hip-hop – Who’s who in Christian hip-hop : artists directory.; Syntax : never satisfied always occupied.

Psychedelic rock – Why are we sleeping? : a digest of Kevin Ayers.

County – The Shindig in the barn.; Blue yodeler.

Folk – Rocking chair.; Autoharp.

This week’s quiz question is to name the title given below which refers to rave music. The answer will be given in the next ‘Let There Be Music’ blog post.

  • Sandy Bell’s broadsheet.
  • Crash smash bash trash!
  • Dayglow.
  • Djangology : the journal of the Django Reinhardt Society Inc.
  • Can’t stand limitedition records.
  • Denim delinquent.
  • Pressure drop.
  • Ego-bruising.
  • Straight no chaser.
  • Ptolemaic terrascope.
  • Endless struggle times.
  • Free Appreciation Society.
  • The talking drum.
  • Potatoland.
  • Groovy black shades.
  • Future is a dare.
  • Cornbread moon.
  • Get out!
  • Artrocker.
  • Gorgeous and fully equipped.
  • DJ blackbook.
  • Guilty face.
  • Here be monsters : HBM.
  • Screaming Secrets.
  • Hey ho – let’s stomp!
  • Broken violin.
  • Howdy from Texas : the lone star state.
  • Idiot box.
  • Exhale!
  • Inaudible magazine.
  • The positive energy of madness.
  • IndieCent.
  • Jelly bean machine.
  • More black than purple.
  • Lemon meringue pantry.

Look out for the third in the series of music serials coming soon! For other weird and wonderful titles take a look in SUNCAT.

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Sep 132013

This week (7 – 15 September 2013) celebrate British cheese.  There are so many different types of cheeses made in the UK, and not all ones you would associate with this country, including Camembert, Mozzarella and Ricotta!

By MigGroningen (Own work) [CC-BY-SA-3.0 ( or GFDL (], via Wikimedia Commons

 Enjoy the rest of British Cheese Week by taking a look at some weird and wonderful cheese serial titles.

  • 2006 2011 World Outlook for Cottage Cheese Farmers Cheese Pot Cheese and Bakers Cheese That Have Been Creamed in Same Plant.
  • Blue mould.
  • British cheese directory.
  • Butter and cheese journal.
  • Cheese abstracts.
  • Cheese connoisseur.
  • Cheese enthusiast.
  • The cheese-head.
  • Cheese City courier.
  • 2006-2011 World Outlook for Cheese Substitutes & Imitations.
  • Cheese facts / National Cheese Institute.
  • Cheese reporter.
  • Cheese World.
  • Cheesemakers’ journal.
  • Kittens : Journal of the wine and cheese appreciation society of Greater London / Wine and cheese.
  • The Kraftsman.
  • Proceedings from the biennial Marschall International Cheese Conference.
  • Processing methods for Hispanic-style cheeses with unique functional properties … annual report.
  • Supermouse, the big cheese.
  • The word on cheese culture.

For more titles with a cheese theme and other weird and wonderful titles take a look in SUNCAT.

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