Mar 122008

We have added a “Find a Copy” button to the full record display on SUNCAT. The button leads users to their local OpenURL resolver and hence to options for full text access depending on their entitlement or to alternatives such as Inter-Library loan services at their local institution.

The button will direct users with no registered OpenURL resolver to the general resolver, GetCopy. In order for your users to be directed to their local OpenURL resolver please ensure that it is registered with the OpenURL router.

SUNCAT is the Serials Union Catalogue for the UK. Visit the service at
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Feb 112008

SUNCAT’s web pages have been given a new look as part of a makeover of the entire EDINA website. The changes relate purely to the visual aspect of the site with the structure remaining the same. Go to check them out and let us know what you think.

SUNCAT is the Serials Union Catalogue for the UK. Visit the service at
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Feb 062008

SUNCAT has made a change to the way results are displayed following a successful search or browse on the catalogue. In addition to the serial title, author and year of publication information, a list of the libraries holding each title now displays on the results screen. This enhancement allows users to see at a glance which libraries hold a title, helping them to identify and filter records of interest more quickly. The full record display continues to contain more detailed location and summary holdings information. Let us know if you have any comments on the new display, either here, or by using the feedback link on the SUNCAT interface.

SUNCAT is the Serials Union Catalogue for the UK. Visit the service at
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Jan 112008

Last month we released a pilot downloading facility for SUNCAT Contributing Libraries. The pilot service enables our Contributing Libraries to download a subset of SUNCAT records in MARC format via Z39.50. The records are from CONSER, the Library of Congress Cooperative Online Serials programme.

There are over one million CONSER records available and these are of very high bibliographic quality and are particularly strong in their coverage of current Scientific, Technical and Medical (STM) titles. The records are free of charge to SUNCAT Contributing Libraries, enabling them to download records for newly purchased serials or to upgrade their existing serials records.

We are currently unable to offer the entire SUNCAT database of records in MARC format due to IPR restrictions imposed by a commercial supplier on records supplied to our Contributing Libraries. However, the SUNCAT team are investigating methods of filtering out these records so that we can offer a greater proportion of the SUNCAT database for download.

Details of how to set up and configure the Z39.50 connection are available at

Please contact the EDINA helpdesk with any comments or queries about the pilot service.

SUNCAT is the Serials Union Catalogue for the UK. Visit the service at
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