Jul 092019

Today (9th July 2019) is Cow Appreciation Day. Join SUNCAT in giving your appreciation to these wonderful creatures! Here are some weird and wonderful journal titles on the theme of cows.

  • Hot rum cow.
  • Cow’zine.
  • Moo-Cow Fan Club newsletter.
  • Cow in the road.
  • The adventures of Capt. Plaid Cow.
  • The New cow of Greenwich Village.
  • The purple cow.
  • Mad cow: newsletter of the Berkshire South-East branch of CAMRA.
  • Black Book – European Publishing: Why Buy the Cow When the Milk Is Free?
  • The duchess of Devonshire’s cow; a poem.
  • Cow Longevity Conference, 28-29 August 2013, Tumba, Sweden.

This is our last ever weird and wonderful SUNCAT post. We have come across some amazing weird and wonderful journal titles through the years. (One of the most memorable has to be ‘Hearse : a vehicle used to convey the dead’!) As well as individual posts, we have had some great series, including that of football fanzines and Olympic sports. We hope you have enjoyed reading them as much as we have enjoyed compiling them.

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