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Today (1st October) is World Vegetarian Day! It also signals the start of Vegetarian Awareness Month, which then ends with World Vegan Day on the 1st November. This, in turn, kicks off World Vegan Month! Take a look at some of the weird and wonderful vegetarian- and vegan-themed titles to be found in SUNCAT.

  • Tesco vegetarian collection.
  • Vegetarian visitor.
  • Vegetarian messenger.
  • Jewish vegetarian.
  • Holiday vegetarian.
  • The Friendly vegetarian.
  • Dietetic reformer and vegetarian messenger.
  • The vegetarian and fruitarian.
  • Tips for vegetarian activists.
  • Almonds & raisins : the Vegetarian Society’s annual.
  • VegOut : vegetarian guide to New York City.
  • Vegetarian and Our Fellow Creatures (1901-1903).
  • Cornucopian Club news : a vegetarian cuisine club newsletter.
  • Shades of brown : journal of the 3 Eyed Goat– Vegan-Communist.
  • The Weekly Star and Vegetarian Restaurant Gazette : The anti-alcohol, anti-tobacco, anti-vaccinator, anti-vivisection, anti-physic and anti-gambling journal.
  • Veg news.
  • The Welsh vegan = Y Figan Cymreig.
  • Divine vegan living.
  • The good news : the Good Life Gathering’s official low-fat newsletter.

For more vegetarian and vegan journal titles and other weird and wonderful serials take a look in SUNCAT.

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