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This is the first of our 2014 FIFA World Cup-inspired posts. We now know who is going through to the next round from Group B – the Netherlands and Chile. Bad luck to Australia and Spain.
Here are some weird and wonderful Netherlands and Chile titles found in SUNCAT.

  • Holland Pacquet Boat.
  • Euro Holland food.
  • Voices from Holland.
  • Made in Holland.
  • Feature films from Holland.
  • Superb de Jager Holland bulbs.
  • Holland exports. Foodstuffs and stimulants.
  • Letts go to Holland.
  • Express from Holland Being An Account of a Terrible and Bloody Fight.
  • London May 6 1704 Sir Last Night Arrived a Holland Mail.
  • Whitehall, July 16, 1695. This day came in the mail from Holland of Friday last, and brings the following advices.
  • The Dutch Intelligencer, faithfully communicating the most impartiall Intelligence of the States of Holland and Admiral Vantrump; with the Affairs and Designs now on foot, both by Sea and Land, against the Parliament, Army and Commonwealth of England. 1 September-20 October, 1652.
  • The Dutch intelligencer, : faithfully communicating the most impartiall intelligence of the States of Holland.
  • Dutch birding.
  • The Dutch Boy quarterly.
  • “Our” Yankee-Dutch.
  • Chile arises.
  • Chile fragrances.
  • Cheese in Chile.
  • Functional drinks in Chile.
  • Let’s go. Chile.
  • Chile lip make-up.
  • Chilegram : news from Chile : an independent monthly periodical.

Watch out for our next FIFA World Cup-inspired post soon. For more football and World Cup country serials and other weird and wonderful take a look in SUNCAT.
Don’t forget you can also re-live our (Serial) Match of the Day series.

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