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Tomorrow (Saturday 14th June) is World Gin Day, which is a global celebration of all things gin. Gin is a spirit which is predominantly flavoured with juniper berries, but may also be infused with other flavours such as cucumber, orange blossom, and oriental spices. There are many different brands of gin and various gin-based cocktails. Please drink responsibly!

Dry Martini

A dry martini.

Here are some gin and cocktail related titles found in SUNCAT.

  • Gilbey’s gin conference : [proceedings].
  • Gin bender poetry review.
  • Gilbey’s Gin international news.
  • Cork Dry Gin Afloat Irish sailing annual.
  • Bathtub gin.
  • Bombay gin.
  • Gin ‘n’ it : Grampian Information news and information technology update.
  • The Gin pole.
  • The cocktail lovers : ingredients for more than just great drinks.
  • International Spirits Challenge.
  • Mixologist.

For more gin and cocktail titles, as well as other weird and wonderful journals, take a look in SUNCAT.

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