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To mark the fact that William Shakespeare was born 450 years ago here are some weird and wonderful titles on Shakespeare.

Cover image taken from First Folio. Mr. William Shakespeares Comedies, Histories, & Tragedies..  Originally published/produced in Isaac Iaggard and Ed. Blount, London, 1623.

First Folio. Mr. William Shakespeares Comedies, Histories & Tragedies. British Library, 2014.

  • The Upstart crow : a Shakespeare journal.
  • The old-spelling Shakespeare : [his] works in the spelling of the best quarto and folio texts / edited by F. J. Furnivall and W.G. Boswell-Stone.
  • Borrowers and lenders : the journal of Shakespeare and appropriation.
  • The Shakespeare Gazette : A weekly record of proceedings relating to the tercentenary celebration.
  • A groat’s worth of wit : journal of the Open University Shakespeare Society.
  • Ivory leaves : A medium of expression for the new intensive study of Shakespeare.
  • The great cryptogram: Francis Bacon’s cipher in the so called Shakespeare plays / by Ignatius Donnelly. Around the Globe : the magazine of the International Shakespeare Globe Centre.
  • Fair Thoughts and Happy Hours attend on you. A Shakespeare Calendar for the year 1905. [With coloured illustrations and initials.]
  • The Shakespearean almanacke : an occasional paper for the study of astrology in the works of Shakespeare and his contempories.
  • The Shakspere Almanack for 1850. With an essay on the Character of Shakspere. By J. W. Lettsbridge.
  • Shakespeare and Shakespeariana.
  • In Shakespeare’s Playhouse.
  • Shakespeare news from Japan.
  • Flourish : Royal Shakespeare Company newspaper.
  • Getting to know Shakespeare.
  • Touchstone : co-operation and partnership among UK Shakespeare Collections.
  • Shakespeare as spoken : a collation of 5000 acting editions and promptbooks of Shakespeare / by William P. Halstead.
  • Shakespeare and the bonds of service / general editors, Graham Bradshaw and Tom Bishop ; special guest editor, Michael Neill.
  • “The Graphic” Gallery of Shakespeare’s Heroines. The stories of the several plays from which the pictures are taken … by W. E. Henley.

For more Shakespeare titles and other weird and wonderful serials take a look in SUNCAT.

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