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Edinburgh is getting ready for the trams, with increased testing now taking place. Passengers are expected on Edinburgh’s trams from the second quarter of 2014. To celebrate the approaching trams here are some weird and wonderful titles with a transport theme.

  • The Whip : A journal devoted to the interests of cabmen, bus and tram drivers, conductors, coachmen, and all connected with the stable.
  • The eye opener. “An organ of facts for tram and bus workers.”
  • Bus fayre.
  • Preserved bus.
  • Evaluation of bus lanes.
  • Deja voodoo train.
  • The empower train.
  • Train of thought / the Federal Railroad Administration.
  • That hellbound train.
  • Bulletin – Toy Train Operating Society.
  • Car styling.
  • Steam car.
  • Coach & bus product selector.
  • Bus & coach preservation monthly.
  • Car exhausts in Italy.
  • Town Car wiring diagrams.
  • The James Bond car collection.
  • Bad car again.
  • The Lazy way to book your car ferries.
  • Radio control car action monster trucks.
  • Croozin’ nooz : modified car & crooz scene magazine.
  • Musclecar power.
  • Octane : fuelling the passion.
  • The Clouds : A journal of the airship & aeroplane enterprise and sport.
  • Micklegate magic ship.
  • Casper space ship.
  • Fathom : surface ship and submarine safety review.
  • Wet motorcycle.
  • Motorcycle mojo magazine.
  • The Aeroplane spotter.
  • Skydancing.
  • Mum’s taxi goes to County Down (and beyond!) : places to go, things to do with your kids in …
  • Super street truck.
  • Light and medium truck.
  • G-Truck Xtra!
  • T ‘N T, truck ‘n trailer.
  • Occupation, professional truck driver.
  • Paper boat magazine.
  • Dragon Boat World.
  • Where to Launch Your Boat.
  • Diary of a narrow boat fit-out.
  • How to buy a new or used power boat without getting burned.
  • Rusty rudder : the official magazine of the Antique and Classic Boat Society, Inc.
  • The Old Sailor’s Jolly-Boat, laden with tales, yarns, scraps, fragments … steered by M. H. Barker. [Edited and largely written by him. With plates by George Cruikshank and Isaac R. Cruikshank.]
  • Young people go afloat!
  • Jane’s surface skimmer systems.

For more transport-themed serials and other weird and wonderful titles take a look in SUNCAT.

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