Dec 182013

The SUNCAT team wish everyone a wonderful Christmas and a very happy New Year. Thanks to everyone who has contributed and used SUNCAT throughout 2013, and hope you have a great 2014 using the new SUNCAT interface. Here are some weird and wonderful Christmas titles to round off the year with!

Photograph taken from the Mound, Edinburgh at night with a view of Edinburgh's Winter Wonderland

Christmas in Edinburgh, 2013.

  • Country woman Christmas.
  • Bugs Bunny’s Christmas funnies.
  • The Eyes of Christmas.
  • “Trotter” Christmas Annual.
  • Quilt world Christmas annual.
  • Revelry Christmas 1954.
  • Christmas Pie. 1 no.
  • You complete Christmas.
  • Sesame Street Parents christmas.
  • Country accents Christmas cookies.
  • Grown-up’s Christmas annual.
  • Christmas tree lookout.
  • Report on Christmas tree research 1999.
  • Last-minute Christmas: dazzle your holidays!
  • Christmas from the heart : home for the holidays.
  • Our dogs Christmas annual.
  • Toby Ticklem’s Yorkshire annual of comical reading, for everybody’s Christmas.
  • Crochet fantasy’s Christmas special.
  • Roberts’s Christmas Annual for 1870. A most seasonable dish, prepared and served up by the author of “Mr. Smith’s Intended,” etc.
  • Limbs & needles.
  • Nundinæ Literariæ. Fugitive Papers. Christmas Eve; Christmas; Easter; Whitsuntide; Harvest Time; and the Morris Dancers.
  • Waiting in joyful hope : daily reflections for Advent and Christmas.
  • Everybody’s Christmas Annual. [for 1877.] Hell upon Earth [by N. Forsith]; or, the Bard and the Demon. A romaunt of the times. Illustrated by R. Prowse, Junr.
  • Spar from the high flat : a Christmas annual for the Dales / [edited by Robert Dixon].
  • Rudolph the red-nosed reindeer.
  • 1825. Blossoms at Christmas and first flowers of the new year. A tocken to remember a friend for 1825.

Have a look in SUNCAT during 2014 for more interesting titles!

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