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Here is the fifth and last in the series of weird and wonderful music titles found in SUNCAT. The answers to last week’s quiz are:

  • Classical music – Ovation.
  • Hip-hop – Wax poetics.
  • Reggae – Boom-shacka-lacka.
  • Pop music – Swing like 60!
  • Soul – Angry voices.

Here are some other weird and wonderful music titles.

  • Suspect device
  • Tapioka.
  • Twisted nerve.
  • The Black sheep review.
  • Ugly planet.
  • Blue yodel / Indiana University Folksong Club.
  • Voice of Buddha.
  • Bag of tricks & candysticks.
  • Wool city rocker : Yorkshire’s rock magazine.
  • Young, fast, and scientific.
  • Blurt : a mighty organ.
  • Jazz not jazz.
  • Breach of the peace.
  • Elvis Costello information service.
  • Remember don’t sleep.
  • Cool and strange music! magazine.
  • Cosmik debris magazine.
  • Bored stiff till ’77.
  • Crazy rhythm : the newsletter of the Crazy Cavan ’n’ The Rhythm Rockers Fan Club.
  • A fanzine called white lemonade.
  • Foggy notions.
  • Box and fiddle.
  • No-title.
  • Situation vacant.
  • Gordon’s Koolsville magazine : doo wop, rockabilly, hillbilly, western swing, surf.
  • Mad rat magazine.
  • Strutters quarterly.
  • The fader.
  • Strange things are happening.
  • Texas hotel burning.
  • The devil’s music.
  • Pink Flamingo.
  • Bim bam boom : the magazine devoted to the history of rhythm & blues.
  • Earshot.
  • Insomniac.
  • In the key of now.

The SUNCAT team hope you enjoyed our ‘Let There Be Music’ series. For more music serials and other weird and wonderful titles take a look in SUNCAT.

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