Sep 162013

Here is the second in the series of weird and wonderful music titles found in SUNCAT.

The answers to last week’s quiz are:

Gospel – You can!

Jazz – Different drummer.

Hip-hop – Who’s who in Christian hip-hop : artists directory.; Syntax : never satisfied always occupied.

Psychedelic rock – Why are we sleeping? : a digest of Kevin Ayers.

County – The Shindig in the barn.; Blue yodeler.

Folk – Rocking chair.; Autoharp.

This week’s quiz question is to name the title given below which refers to rave music. The answer will be given in the next ‘Let There Be Music’ blog post.

  • Sandy Bell’s broadsheet.
  • Crash smash bash trash!
  • Dayglow.
  • Djangology : the journal of the Django Reinhardt Society Inc.
  • Can’t stand limitedition records.
  • Denim delinquent.
  • Pressure drop.
  • Ego-bruising.
  • Straight no chaser.
  • Ptolemaic terrascope.
  • Endless struggle times.
  • Free Appreciation Society.
  • The talking drum.
  • Potatoland.
  • Groovy black shades.
  • Future is a dare.
  • Cornbread moon.
  • Get out!
  • Artrocker.
  • Gorgeous and fully equipped.
  • DJ blackbook.
  • Guilty face.
  • Here be monsters : HBM.
  • Screaming Secrets.
  • Hey ho – let’s stomp!
  • Broken violin.
  • Howdy from Texas : the lone star state.
  • Idiot box.
  • Exhale!
  • Inaudible magazine.
  • The positive energy of madness.
  • IndieCent.
  • Jelly bean machine.
  • More black than purple.
  • Lemon meringue pantry.

Look out for the third in the series of music serials coming soon! For other weird and wonderful titles take a look in SUNCAT.

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