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The United Kingdom is a country full of tea and coffee drinkers. Take a look at some of the weird and wonderful tea and coffee titles found in SUNCAT.

  • Boughton’s barista! : the magazine for people who make really good coffee.
  • Bulletin – The Mysore Coffee Experiment Station.
  • Caffe Sanora Case Study: Healthy Gourmet Coffee: Combining Megatrends for Successful New Product Development.
  • Coffee and tea industries and the flavor field.
  • Coffee cramp magazine : CCM.
  • The coffee house collection : paper roses.
  • The coffee-room journal.
  • The Coffee tavern gazette and journal of food-thrift.
  • Coffee stirrers.
  • Morning coffee chapbook series.
  • Too Much Coffee Man.
  • Wilkinson’s tea & coffee share manual …
  • 2006 2011 World Outlook for Tea Packed in Tea Bags.
  • Angel tea warehouse almanack.
  • Bustle : periodical of the Ladies’ Tea & Rhetoric Society.
  • Captain Pidding’s Chinese olio, and tea talk.
  • A cafe in space : the Anaïs Nin literary journal.
  • Cups : the cafe culture magazine.
  • Java journal : Manhattan’s cafe culture magazine.
  • Franklin County sweet tea.
  • The Intellectual Regale; or, Ladies’ Tea Tray.
  • Let’s stop for tea.
  • Li-Quor Tea-Leaves.
  • Message of the Anti-Tea Duty League.
  • Miss Kitty’s journal : the official tea room directory of Colorado’s Front Range.
  • The nursery tea at Streatley manor house or How to help the S.P.G., by the author of ’Gipsy Mike’.
  • Southern lady presents tea time.
  • Stephens’ tea share manual / compiled by Louis G. Stephens.
  • Subtle tea.
  • Tata Tea Case Study: Developing a Multinational Beverage Offering.
  • Tea and sympathy postal network.
  • Tea-break quickies.
  • Tea Bureau Third [etc.] Consumer Survey among Housewives.
  • The Tea Chest. Brooke Bond house magazine. vol. 8, etc. 1957, etc.
  • The Tea Flyer … The newspaper of the Brooke Bond Group.
  • The Tea Girl and “Ken’s” Kabin News : (Strike number).
  • Tea in Texas.
  • The Tea Leaf. Display ideas about tea & the things that go with it. By H. C. Murrills. (Issued with “Tea Times.”).
  • Tea party chit-chat.
  • The Tea phytologist.
  • Tea sippers society news.
  • Tea talk : a newsletter on the pleasures of tea.
  • Tea & tea room talk.
  • U.S. tea is “hot” report.
  • Ye Tea-Potte. Edited by A. F. R. Abbott and C. C. Morrell. vol. 1, no. 1. March mdcccxcviii.

For more tea and coffee serials and other weird and wonderful titles take a look in SUNCAT.

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