Aug 292013

Today (29th August) is More Herbs, Less Salt Day. This is to encourage people to use herbs in their cooking instead of using salt to flavour their food. To highlight how wonderful herbs are we have searched SUNCAT for weird and wonderful herb titles, with a couple of surprise titles from some people’s childhoods for equal measure! (Parsley the Lion, anyone?)

  • Back in thyme.
  • The Bu$iness of herbs.
  • Dog’s mercury.
  • The gilded herb.
  • Heaven scent soaps & herbs newsletter.
  • HerbalGram.
  • The Herbs annual : from the B.B.C. T.V. ’Watch with mother’ series / by Michael Bond ; drawn from Ivor Wood’s original television puppets by Esor ; lyrics and verses by Brenda Johnson.
  • The Joy of herbs.
  • The secret world of herbs.
  • Thymes.
  • The Tool Shed Herb Farm : [catalog].
  • The Woodstock gleaner.
  • Taunton’s kitchen gardener : the vegetable and herb gardening journal.
  • Princess herbal.
  • No salt week : the newsletter.
  • Herb gatherings : the newsletter for the thymes.
  • Herba!ert review.
  • The herbal sage.
  • Herb’s research bulletin : HeRB.
  • Basil Brush boom boom annual …

For more titles on the subject of herbs and other weird and wonderful serials take a look in SUNCAT.

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