Dec 182012
A Christmas tree made from the National Union Catalog, built at the Gleeson Library, the University of San Francisco, CA USA

The SUNCAT team wishes you all a very merry festive season. Here are some weird and wonderful Christmas titles to round off the year with!

  • Ackermann’s juvenile forget me not: a Christmas, New Year’s and birth-day present, for youth of both sexes …
  • Ant-man’s big Christmas.
  • Aunt Judy’s Christmas volume for young people.
  • Beeton’s Every lady’s Christmas annual and almanack for 1876. (The extra no. of Beeton’s Young Englishwoman).
  • Chatterbox Christmas Box.
  • Christmas : hotels and house-parties.
  • Christmas bird count.
  • The Christmas book of Gloops.
  • A Christmas garland from the front.
  • Christmas Leaves, 1877. “Our Villas.” Furnished by the authors of “Ready-Money Mortiboy”
  • Christmas Pie.
  • Cork Christmas packet : a magazine for Cork people everywhere.
  • Heroes of the Hearth. A Christmas Annual … Edited by H. W. Smith and W. T. Beeson.
  • A very zombie Christmas.
  • Christmas tree taxation / by Matt Triggs.
  • Christmas with the super-heroes.
  • The Simpsons winter wing ding.
  • Santa Claus funnies.
  • 2006-2011 World Outlook for Christmas Tree Ornaments & Decorations Excluding Glass & Electric Christmas Tree Ornaments & Decorations
  • The country gentlemen’s Christmas gift list.
  • Father Christmas, our little ones’ budget, ed. by N. D’Anvers.
  • Jingle Belle.
  • McCall’s Quilting. America quilts for Christmas.
  • Merry and wise.

Have a look in SUNCAT during 2013 for more interesting titles!

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