Sep 272012

Here is the sixth and final post in the series of weird and wonderful football titles. Can you match the fanzine with the home nation?

  • Two left feet.
  • Que sera sera.
  • The dragon has landed.
  • Haggis supper.
  • The Italian job.
  • There’s a wee spot in Europe.

Here are some other football titles:

  • Miss-kick.
  • My favourite shirt.
  • Dial M for Merthyr.
  • Five jam parts.
  • The cage to the jungle.
  • Tomato soup and lentils.
  • Wonderful wedding venues in England and Wales : from castles to football clubs.
  • Off the ball.
  • United front.
  • Four Four Two: The Bobbing And Weaving Football Magazine.
  • Migrating Football Players, Transfer Fees & Migration Controls.
  • The Gladwish Land Sales ultimate book of non-league players.
  • Balls! : the alternative football annual.
  • Nothing to write home about : the magazine of the London Clarets.
  • Offensive line coaches handbook.
  • Where’s the bar? : an alternative guide to non-league football.
  • The effects of television on college football attendance. (Published 1950)
  • The duffle.
  • Football punk.
  • When the ball moves : the Burnley fanzine.
  • One minute to go.
  • League of their own : a guide to the mid-Wilts youth and minor football league.

More information on these titles can be found by searching SUNCAT. Also take a look at SUNCAT for more football serials  and other weird and wonderful titles.

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