Aug 312012

As all Doctor Who fans know, series seven starts tomorrow with the showing of ‘Asylum of the Daleks’. To celebrate this here are some Doctor Who titles found in SUNCAT. 

  • Celestial toyroom : the Doctor Who Appreciation Society newsletter.
  • The Big Finish companion.
  • Doctor Who : an adventure in space & time.
  • Doctor Who. The forgotten.
  • Doctor Who. The time machination.
  • Doctor Who activity annual.
  • Doctor Who battles in time special.
  • Doctor Who DVD files : the ultimate build-up Doctor Who encyclopedia.
  • Doctor Who … events.
  • Doctor Who poster magazine.
  • The Doctor Who quiz book.
  • Doctor Who Radio Times Special.
  • The Doctor’s recorder.
  • Howe’s transcendental toybox : update …/ the complete guide to … merchandise.
  • In-vision : the making of a television drama series.
  • Second Dimension.
  • Star Trek : the Next Generation. Doctor Who: Assimilation.
  • Tardis.
  • The tides of time : magazine of the Oxford University Doctor Who Society.
  • The Tomb.
While searching for titles using ‘Doctor Who’ as keywords, we came across the following title ‘Edgar Wallace mystery magazine’. Judging by the sample contents this would also make a very interesting read!
For more science fiction serials and other weird and wonderful titles take a look in SUNCAT.
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