Aug 302012

Today is the start of competition in the London 2012 Paralympics. To mark this occasion here are some weird and wonderful titles covering the various Paralympics sports, as well a couple of titles on this year’s Paralympics Games. Can you guess which sports the titles refer to? All answers can be found in SUNCAT. We wish Team GB the very best of luck during the next 11 days.

  • The egg chaser.
  • Wooden Spoon Society rugby world.
  • Nock-nock.
  • The Athlete : he who strives / edited by Capt. F. A. M. Webster.
  • Autumn tints newsletter.
  • Bike to the future newsletter.
  • Alotta balls.
  • The May bee.
  • Hello Sea Lions!! The official organ of the first and only international league of young swimmers (Young Swimmers’ League). no. 1-4, 6. Feb., April-June, Aug., 1937.
  • The Tadpole.
  • Touché!
  • Musketeers news.
  • Tennis & fashion.
  • Topspin.
  • Muzzle blasts.
  • S.O. alive!
  • Sports ’n spokes.
  • Matside.
  • Relax, etc.
  • Maple Street Press Wildcat tip-off.
  • XXL basketball.
  • The Spiker.
  • London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games annual report.
  • Olympic and Paralympic Games 2012 related Internet sites.

For more sporting serials and other weird and wonderful titles take a look in SUNCAT. Watch out for the next instalment of the SUNCAT football fanzines blog posts.

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