Aug 222012

It is the beginning of the football season and to mark this occasion here are some weird and wonderful football titles. In fact, there are so many that this is the first in a series. Many of the titles are fanzines for specific football clubs all around the country.Just for fun, can you match the fanzine with the football club?  Some are easier than others! All the answers can be found by searching SUNCAT.

Fanzine titles:
  • The blue Brazilian.
  • Half magpie, half biscuit.
  • There’s a store where the creatures meet
  • Mo Mo Super Mo.
  • It’s half past four … and we’re 2-0 down.
  • Sing when we’re fishing.
  • The alternative Queen’s speech.
  • The Foxy ferret.
  • Nay need to lose the heid.
  • Always the bridesmaid.
  • Singing the blues : the City fanzine that doesn’t like Un*t*d!
  • Who ate all the pies.
  • Where’s the tunnel?
  • Lard & Lager.
  • Now we want Pele!
  • Derek I’m gutted!!!
Football club:
Manchester City; Motherwell; Chesham United; Port Vale; Grimsby Town; Burnley; Heart of Midlothian; St. Mirren; Carlisle; East Fife; Bolton Wanderers; Queen of the South; Cowdenbeath; Montrose; Newcastle United; Dundee.
For more football serials and other weird and wonderful titles take a look in SUNCAT. Watch out for the next instalment of the football series of blog posts.
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