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This is the fourteenth and last in the series of blog posts dedicated to London 2012 Olympic Games events. Today it is the turn of weird and wonderful titles from a variety of sports not already covered in our series, as well as some more general sporting titles. London 2012 has been a wonderful event and the most successful ever for Team GB. Roll on the Paralympics, which starts on the 29th August! 

  • The Annals of sporting and fancy gazette a magazine, entirely appropriated to sporting subjects
  • Bicycle Journal, Swimming and General Athletic & Pedestrian Recorder.
  • The Annals of sporting and fancy gazette: a magazine, entirely appropriated to sporting subjects and fancy pursuits; containing everything worthy of remark on hunting, shooting, coursing, racing, fishing, cocking, pugilism, wrestling, singlestick, pedestrianism, cricket, billiards, rowing, sailing, etc., accompanied with striking representations of the various subjects.
  • The Scottish umpire : a journal devoted to out-door sports : football, cricket, cycling, lawn tennis, swimming & rowing.
  • Ixion, a journal of velocipeding, athletics and aerostatics.
  • The Wide Awake : A journal of athletics, football and cycling and competition index.
  • The Sporting Globe : A weekly journal dealing with the turf, finance, theatre, athletics, etc.
  • 3Touch volleyball.
  • Britvic national volleyball league / English Volleyball Association.
  • Jersey Shore volleyball : JSVB.
  • On the line: Welsh Volleyball Association newsletter.
  • Performance conditioning for volleyball : a newsletter dedicated to improving the volleyball player.
  • Thumper / Alberta Volleyball Association.
  • Dig : beach volleyball life.
  • BMX snap.
  • Dig BMX.
  • Invert : street, vert and dirt
  • Terps today : water polo [program].
  • Water polo scoreboard.  
  • International journal of table tennis sciences.
  • Spin : official magazine of the U.S. Table Tennis Association / United States Table Tennis Association.
  • Topping : national team bulletin of the Canadian Table Tennis Association = bulletin de l’équipe nationale de l’Association canadienne de tennis de table.
  • TopAce : Irish handball annual.
  • Killshot.
  • Back flip gymnastics magazine
  • Flying squirrels: all-American gymnastics newsletter.
  • Science of Gymnastics Journal
  • Sport rhythmika : the official publication of the Alberta Rhythmic Sportive Gymnastics Federation.
  • Grasp : the technical journal of the British Amateur Gymnastics Association.
  • Official AAU trampoline and tumbling handbook.
  • Mademoiselle gymnast.
  • Zot van gym!
  • 2006 2011 World Outlook for Horizontal and Parallel Bars Balance Beams Trampolines Wrestling and Other Gymnasium Mats and Gymnasium
  • 3 go triathlon.
  • The series : the official pre-season program of The … Bud Light U.S. Triathlon Series.
  • Transition : the official magazine of The London Triathlon Ltd.
  • The loon : lovely old OUMPA newsletter.
  • The Bazaar Book of Hockey … By A Past International. Illustrated.
  • Oldtimers hockey news.
  • Roseberry Ladies Hockey Club Sunday Invitation League match reports and results.
  • Sticks : the monthly magazine for Kent Hockey.
For more sporting serials and other weird and wonderful titles take a look in SUNCAT. Also watch out for a post on how SUNCAT was searched to find all these great Olympic Games titles.
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