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This is the tenth in the series of blog posts dedicated to London 2012 Olympic Games events. Today it is the turn of weird and wonderful canoeing and kayaking titles. There are a number of finals taking place today, including those of the men’s K1 1,000m canoe sprint and the women’s kayak four 500m. SUNCAT wishes the British competitors, including Tim Brabants, Richard Jefferies and Rachel Cawthorn, the best of luck.

  • Adventures in canoeing, kayaking, whitewater rafting.
  • Algonquin Provincial Park canoe routes.
  • Che-Mun : the newsletter of Canadian wilderness canoeing.
  • CRACK : the newsletter of the Campaign for River Access for Canoes and Kayaks
  • The ripple : newsletter for the MRCA.
  • The American Canoeist and Single-hand Cruiser. vol. 7. no. 1. June 1888.
  • Beaver dam : the newsletter of the Wilderness Canoe Association.
  • Canoe and Small Boat Recreation.
  • The canoeist, or, Chronicles of the Canoe Club.
  • Paddles up / Canadian Canoe Association = Association canadienne de canotage.Wooden canoe.
  • Canoeing, rowing and rapids-shooting in Finland.
  • The journal of the Kanawa International Museum of Canoes, Kayaks and Rowing Craft.
  • The … complete guide to kayak touring.
  • Newsletter [of the Wild Water Kayak Club]. no. 1 (June 1964)-11 (22 Feb. 1969).
  • Paddles past : journal of the Historic Canoe and Kayak Association.
  • Playboating.
  • Sea kayaker.
  • Splashout : O.U. Canoe and Kayak Club newsletter.
  • Folding kayaker.
For more sporting serials and other weird and wonderful titles take a look in SUNCAT. Watch out for the next instalment of the SUNCAT Olympics blog posts.
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