Aug 042012

This is the sixth in the series of blog posts dedicated to London 2012 Olympic Games events. Today it is the turn of weird and wonderful judo and taekwondo titles, with a few more general martial arts titles thrown in! Congratulations to Gemma Gibbons for winning a silver medal and Karina Bryant for winning bronze. Good luck to the GB taekwondo competitors, who will start their campaign on Wednesday.

  • Famous judo throws
  • Judo Joe.
  • Ontario judoka : the official publication of the Ontario Judo Black Belt Association.
  • Judo Ron
  • Black belt international.
  • Fighting fit.
  • Masters of combat.
  • Train hard fight easy.
  • Way of the warrior : philosophy, traditions & practices of the world’s fighting arts.
  • Sobre taekwondo
  • The Way of taekwondo.
  • Martial arts. Best of grappling.
  • Martial arts illustrated : today’s magazine for the serious martial artist.
For more sporting serials and other weird and wonderful titles take a look in SUNCAT. Watch out for the next instalment of the SUNCAT Olympics blog posts.
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