Nov 182011

The University of Bradford and the Royal Asiatic Society are the latest Libraries to have been added to SUNCAT. This makes a total of five new Libraries processed in 2011 so far, with the total number in SUNCAT now being 82, plus CONSER, ISSN and DOAJ.

The University of Bradford Library collection supports the research and teaching functions of the seven ‘academic’ schools, which each cover a broad range of specialisms: Computing, Informatics and Media; Engineering, Design and Technology; Health Studies; Life Sciences; Lifelong Education and Development; Management; and Social and International Studies.Just over 16,500 serial records have been loaded into SUNCAT.

The Royal Asiatic Society was founded in 1823 and received its Royal Charter from King George IV in 1824 ‘for the investigation of subjects connected with and for the encouragement of science, literature and the arts in relation to Asia’. The Library contains books and journals on a wide variety of subjects concerning Asia, including the Middle East and, to a lesser extent, Islamic North Africa. The Collections include Persian, Arabic, Pali, Sanskrit, Malay and Javanese manuscripts. Most of the resources are in the area of the humanities. Sciences and ethnography are covered only peripherally. The Library has provided SUNCAT with just over 490 serial records.

Take a look at SUNCAT for the full range of Contributing Libraries and their extensive journal holdings.

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