Apr 282011

To mark the impending nuptuals of William and Kate here are some weird and wonderful titles on all things wedding.

  • Wedding, dive, and waterpark : Guam’s growing tourism indistries, inventory and clientele.
  • Why John Bull grumbled about the wedding present.
  • The wedding of Dracula.
  • Wedding affair : make it an affair to remember.
  • The little green wedding guide : Ireland’s first dedicated green wedding yearbook!
  • Medicine Hat wedding showcase.
  • An Essex wedding.
  • A Loyal Souvenir of the Royal Wedding, and Almanack for 1894.
  • Charlèse : a wedding and home magazine for today’s unique bride.
  • Honeymoon : the magazine dedicated to planning the perfect romantic adventure.
  • Honeymoon vacations for dummies

For more weird and wonderful titles take a look in SUNCAT.

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