Apr 012016

Today, 1st April, is of course April Fool’s Day. This is the perfect opportunity to share with you some weird and wonderful titles on the subject of fools, humour and jokes. This is not an April Fool – these titles really are in SUNCAT!

Image of a giant cat sitting on top of a library buidling with the words 'Teh Liberry - I Rulez It'

April Fool’s from Kennedy Library. The Robert E. Kennedy Library at California Polytechnic State University, 2010. Available under CC Attribution-Non Commerical 2.0 Generic (CC BY 2.0) (https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-nc/2.0/)

  • The Granta : a college joke to cure the dumps.
  • Monkeyshines on you! : the original monkeyshines joke book.
  • The Laughter prescription newsletter. (Laughter prescription, because humor is healing.)
  • Fool Time prospectus.
  • Sportophyte : a British journal of botanical humour.
  • The cabinet of life, wit and humour.
  • The Golden Halfpenny : A budget of humour, fact and fiction.
  • Stitches : the journal of medical humour.
  • Weekly comedy; or, The humour of the coffee house.
  • Tales from the Broken Drum : the Octarine, Science Fiction & Fantasy Humour Appreciation Society fanzine.
  • Sage and Onions : An illustrated weekly journal of humour and satire.
  • The circle of humour; or, comic gleanings, descriptive of life, character and manners.
  • Yorick. A Journal of wit, humour, and satire. no. 1. Quarterly.
  • Snacks : A journal of humour, romance, comic cuts, and answers on everything.
  • The Foolish Book. A magazine of wit and humour. nos. 1-18. June 1903-Nov. 1904.
  • The Ferret, or South Wales Ratepayer : A journal of humour and criticism on subjects municipal, political and literary.
  • The Knight Errant. (An independent journal of Irish Wit and Humour, etc.) vol. 1, 2 and no. 49-55 of vol. 3.
  • “The Galatea Gazette”. Being an attempt to tuck a few strands of interest, parcelled with strips of humour and served by C.T. Dean. Vol.1 (Sept.1935/1936)-.
  • Arliss’s funny library, of wit, satire, and humour; containing, facetiæ, under the heads of pasquinades, anecdotes, jeu d’esprits, witticisms, mornings at w reet, new punning songs, broad grins, maxims, Irish bulls, conundrums, anagrams, enigmas, bon mots, whims, tid bits, curious epitaphs, brevities, yarns, miseries, long bows, puzzles, &c. &c. Embellished with forty-eight humorous wood engravings, by the most eminent artists.
  • The Odd Fellow’s Magazine, Thespian Journal, and Monthly Novelist: Being a vehicle of genuine humour, inoffensive wit, and rational entertainment: consisting of interesting extracts from popular, scarce, and expensive works; the whole enriched with valuable original pieces, written expressly for the work. Embellished with interesting engravings.
  • Anti depressant.
  • The Bottle, and what comes out of it.
  • Off-White Lies.
  • Nobody’s baby : a Christmas fancy for maids, wives & widows, young husbands & very old bachelors.
  • The clown of London.
  • Waterlog : the magazine for the absolute angler.
  • The purple cow.
  • The Joyful noiseletter.
  • The Fool / by Thomas Brainless, Esq. L.L.D. jester to His Majesty the public.

For more weird and wonderful titles and serials on humour take a look in SUNCAT.

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Jan 252016

Today (25th January) is not only the birthday of Scotland’s national poet Robert Burns, but also EDINA‘s 20th birthday! SUNCAT is helping to mark this occasion with this special blog post of weird and wonderful University of Edinburgh serial titles. As you know EDINA is based at this great institution, and is located just down the road from Edinburgh Castle. We have also found some wonderful publications of Edinburgh clubs. Join us in wishing EDINA a wonderful birthday and many more successful years ahead.

An image of Edinburgh fireworks in the sky over Edinburgh Castle.

Edinburgh Fireworks. By Chris Combe from York, UK (Edinburgh Fireworks) [CC BY 2.0 (http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/2.0)], via Wikimedia Commons.

  • Jabberwock : Edinburgh University review.
  • Fox: Edinburgh University poetry magazine.
  • The New evergreen, Christmas book of University hall [Edinburgh university].
  • The Gambolier: a light journal, Edinburgh University.
  • Edinburgh University English Literature Society Paumflet.
  • University of Edinburgh Staff Club scene.
  • New Gambit : Edinburgh University Review.
  • Town and gown lectures/ University of Edinburgh, Extra-rural Committee.
  • Ge. Being the magazine of the Edinburgh University Geographical Society.
  • Survival guide : the Edinburgh University students’ handbook.
  • The journal of the fair [i.e. the Edinburgh University Union fancy fair, Waverley Market] / [edited by William K. Dickson.]
  • The rebel student. Official organ of the Edinburgh University Labour Party.
  • An account from Scotland and London-derry of the proceedings against the Duke of Gordon, in the Castle of Edinburgh.
  • Ye Tartan Club annual.
  • Rules of the Innominate Club.
  • Proceedings of the Library Club of the Royal Edinburgh Asylum / Royal Edinburgh Asylum for the Insane. Library Club.
  • The L. & C. Magazine … The official organ of the City of Edinburgh Lighting and Cleansing Department Welfare Club.
  • The Hibee.
  • The Carrying Stream Festival.

For more Edinburgh-themed journals and other weird and wonderful titles take a look in SUNCAT.

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Oct 202015

It may be the case that no Northern Hemisphere teams are through to the semi finals in the Rugby World Cup, but let SUNCAT put a smile on your face with our weird and wonderful ‘happiness’ titles! Smile (and possibly dance) yourself to a happy place.

A photograph of a silhouetted woman dancing during a sunset.

By D. Sharon Pruitt from Hill Air Force Base, Utah, USA (Sunset Party Dancing Girl Silhouette) [CC BY 2.0 (http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/2.0)], via Wikimedia Commons

  • The happy hypocrite.
  • Happiness or bust!
  • What Can Economists Learn from Happiness Research?
  • ISmile : connecting people with health & happiness.
  • Club music : the disjockey guide to happiness.
  • The Helicon. Dedicated to the pursuit of happiness. (The … magazine of the Helicon Club.)
  • The Cottage Lamp: an aid to happiness in this world and the next.
  • Crisis; or, The change from error and misery, to truth and happiness.
  • Happiness holding tank.
  • The Truth Promoter. The truth, the only way to the freedom, elevation, and happiness of man.
  • The British magazine, and periodical gleaner, or depository for hints and suggestions calculated to promote the comfort and happiness of man.
  • The Moral and Religious Cabinet, Containing Short Accounts of Christian Experience, Together with Instructive and Useful Extracts, Intended to Promote the Happiness of Pious Minds (1808-1808).
  • Happy pappy.
  • The happy warrior.
  • Sick happy idle.
  • Super hero happy hour.
  • Homer the happy ghost.
  • Happy star dance.
  • The happy pig : the official publication of the Happy Pig Collectors Club.
  • Anorak : the happy mag for kids.
  • The happy planet index.
  • Many happy returns : newsletter of the United States Boomerang Association.
  • The Chicago Basha Betelnut and “hump-happy times.”
  • The happy holidayland of Wales.
  • PLOC : the happy mag for little ones.
  • The happy artocrat data series.
  • The Happy Robin. (The official organ of the Happy Robins and Cheery Chicks.)
  • The Happy Kalendar of Cockney Sparrows with Nightingale Voices. Done by … Desmond Morse-Boycott.
  • Are you scared to get happy? : getting back to basics, a punk rock fanzine.
  • Marriage : A high-class weekly journal for promoting happy marriages in England and the colonies, etc.
  • Coach & grow R.I.C.H (rich, inspired, confident, happy) newsletter.

For more happy titles take a look in SUNCAT.

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Oct 062015

Today (6th October) is National Badger Day,which celebrates how magnificent and important one of the oldest native species is to the British countryside and its people. As part of the celebrations many badger groups around the UK are holding events  between the 4th and 12th October. They are very interesting animals and so it is not surprising that there are several weird and interesting titles containing ‘badger’. Disclaimer: some titles are not strictly about the animal!

Image of a postal stamp for the USSR, Zoo Relief Fund of a badger, from 1989.

Stamp of USSR, Zoo Relief Fund. Badger, 1989. Scanned and processed by A. Sdobnikov (Personal collection) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons from Wikimedia Commons.

  • Badger chess.
  • Badger buzz.
  • Badger trucker.
  • Maple Street Press Badger kickoff.
  • The Badger birder.
  • The Badger enterprise.
  • The Badger common tater.
  • The Menomonie badger.
  • The badger philatelist.
  • Badger saves the world.
  • Badger stamp notes.
  • Badger country : news and views from the Badger Brewery.
  • The Badger : newsletter of the Badge Collectors’ Circle.
  • The Badgerscope.

For more badger titles and other weird and wonderful journals take a look in SUNCAT.

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Sep 172015

The Rugby World Cup 2015 is nearly here! Twenty teams battling it out over 6 weeks in thirteen different match venues in England and Wales. The first match will be tomorrow (18th September) with England taking on Fiji at Twickenham. The final will be held on Saturday 31st October, also at Twickenham. It promises to be a great tournament.

A photograph of Christopher Tolofua of Stade Toulousian charging the defense of the Beneton Rugby Treviso team. Image taken during the Heineken Cup on 13 January 2013 at the Stade Ernest-Wallon in the match between Stade Toulousain and Benetton Rugby Treviso.

Stade Toulousian vs Benetton Rugby Treviso, Heineken Cup 2013. By Pierre-Selim (Self-photographed) [CC BY 3.0 (http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/3.0)], via Wikimedia Commons, 2013.

In SUNCAT you can find many titles on the subject of rugby, both rugby union and rugby league. Here are some weird and wonderful examples. We had to include a Welsh title, especially as when using Google Translate you get back “Reap the Whirlwind”!

  • Scrum down.
  • The great fester.
  • The Dead ball.
  • Tennent’s Velvet rugby record.
  • International rugby coaching. The collectors’ series : 36 coaching insights from world-leading rugby professionals.
  • Superplays : with Brian Smith, the greatest plays in world rugby.
  • In touch.
  • Hard Yards : the Gloucester rugby year book.
  • Medi’r corwynt : blwyddlyfr rygbi Cymru / Thomas Davies
  • Up & under : the official newspaper of London Irish Rugby Football Club.
  • Scrumbag : rugby supporters magazine.
  • @Holm.
  • The final hooter.
  • The egg chaser.
  • Another 6 tackles.
  • Murrayfield’s alive.
  • The Save & Prosper rugby union who’s who.
  • The Viking storm : the official Widnes Vikings magazine.
  • YES magazine : official magazine of the Young England Squad.
  • Wooden Spoon rugby world yearbook.
  • Front row.
  • Smirk’s handbook of northern rugby-union matches.

For more rugby serials and other weird and wonderful titles always look in SUNCAT.


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Jul 022015

Today (2nd July) is World UFO Day. It is dedicated to the existence of Unidentified Flying Objects and is celebrated to raise awareness about the undoubted existence of UFO’s and intelligent beings from outer space. This day is also used to encourage governments to declassify their knowledge about sightings throughout the history.

Below is a fascinating chart from the collections of The National Archives, one of our Contributing Libraries, showing Unidentified Flying Object sightings in the years ranging from 1947 to 1970.

An image of a UFO sightings chart showing drawings of UFOs sighted in years ranging from 1947 to 1970.

UFO Sightings Chart. The National Archives, c.1969.

Of course, there are some great weird and wonderful UFO periodical titles in SUNCAT.

  • Flying saucers.
  • The APRO bulletin / Aerial Phenomena Research Organization
  • Magic saucer : a magazine of unidentified flying objects for under 18s.
  • Quest international : the journal of UFO investigation.
  • UFO Info. Exchange Library.
  • Australian flying saucer review.
  • Flying saucers are fact.
  • Skeptics UFO newsletter.
  • The MUFON UFO journal. (Mutual Unidentified Flying Object Network unidentified flying object journal)
  • Journal of transient aerial phenomena.
  • Sightings : S.
  • Mystero.
  • The U F O pulse analyzer.
  • The Swamp gas journal.
  • The Flying saucer collector.
  • Synchronicity : the journal of the Anomalous Phenomena Research Agency.
  • Alien encounters.
  • Truth seekers review : publication of Truthseekers Research International.
  • The unopened files : access a number of well kept secrets …
  • Phenomenal news from Scotland.
  • Alien worlds : the search for extra terrestrial life.
  • Seriously strange magazine.
  • Into the unknown.
  • Odyssey : the strange truth about UFO’s.
  • Roswell : your travel guide to the UFO capital of the world!
  • Anomalous phenomenon review.
  • International who’s who in ufology directory.

For more titles with an extraterrestrial theme and other weird and wonderful titles take a look in SUNCAT.

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May 132015

This May is Local and Community History Month. Its aim is “to increase awareness of local history, promote history in general to the local community and encourage all members of the community to participate”. There are a range of activities happening across the UK, including trips, library exhibitions and local lectures. Why not uncover your local history? Libraries hold a wealth of resources on local and community history. It is a truly fascinating subject, made even more interesting with these weird and wonderful titles found within the collections of our Contributing Libraries.

An image of Holyrood Palace from Calton Hill in Edinburgh by James Valentine. 1878 or earlier.

Holyrood Palace from Calton Hill, Edinburgh by James Valentine. 1878 or earlier.

  • Olde Wisbeach.
  • Cornish banner.
  • Blaby courier.
  • The Epworth witness.
  • Manchester faces and places.
  • The town crier.
  • The Devonshire adventurer.
  • Trans-national Database and Atlas of Saints’ Cults : newsletter.
  • It could be verse.
  • SqueezeOC (Orange County, Calif.).
  • The ragged staff : the magazine of the Warwickshire County Officers’ Guild.
  • Home words for heart and hearth.
  • Something to shout about! : the newsletter of the new local history centre.
  • Frae the fit o’ the walk.
  • Cake and cockhorse : the magazine of the Banbury Historical Society.
  • OLHA! newsletter & diary.
  • JOURNAL of the English Place-Name Society.
  • Mochdre bygones.
  • “Know your place” local history bibliography.
  • In the shadow of the steeple.
  • The smoke & fire news.
  • Whistlewind.
  • Trees & forebears.
  • Sandpumpings.
  • The winding Roe.

For more titles with a local history theme and other weird and wonderful titles take a look in SUNCAT.

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Feb 262015

We are now well into the Fashion Week season for Autumn/Winter 2015. From 25th February to March 3rd is Milan Fashion Week, followed by Paris Fashion Week from 4th to 11th March. There is a fantastic array of fashion journals and magazines found in SUNCAT. Strut down the (SUN)CATwalk and take a look at these stylish titles. You’ll never be unfashionable again!!

Image of two models in the Ny Nordisk mode, Catwalk Show, 2012.

Ny Nordisk mode, Catwalk show. Benjamin Suomela/norden.org, 2012. [CC BY 2.5 dk (http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/2.5/dk/deed.en)], via Wikimedia Commons.

  • Flaunt.
  • The album of fashion : the highest Parisian authority on all matters relative to ladies’ and children’s dress.
  • The alamode : containing the English, French, and United States winter fashions for …
  • Plastique : explosive fashion.
  • Vogue. More dash than cash.
  • The “Standard” delineator of fashions, fancywork, and millinery.
  • Let them eat cake.
  • Oomph! : the code of style.
  • Rayon and synthetic yarn journal.
  • Lionheart magazine : for the roar in your heart.
  • Fantastic man : a gentleman’s style journal.
  • The milliner and dressmaker, and journal of fashion & the toilet.
  • The gentleman’s magazine of fashions and the tailors’ monthly pattern card of gentlemen’s fashions.
  • Phabrik.
  • View on colour : the colour forecasting book.
  • Another magazine : for men and women.
  • Hunger.
  • Hello Kitty fashion.
  • The glass of fashion up to date.
  • Loomis’ musical, masonic, and ladies’ fashion journal.
  • Belle prom : the prom magazine for the North East.
  • La belle assemblee, or, Bell’s court and fashionable magazine addressed particularly to the ladies.
  • Haute doll.
  • ffw>>mag!
  • The illustrated journal of fashions : gentlemen’s wardrobe.
  • Bias : journal of dress practice.
  • Devere’s half-yearly selection of Parisian costumes for English ladies.
  • The rake : the modern voice of classic elegance.
  • The fashionable magazine; or, Lady’s and gentleman’s repository : of taste, elegance, and novelty.

For more fashion-themed serials and other weird and wonderful titles take a look in SUNCAT.

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Feb 192015

Today (Thursday 19th February) is Chinese New Year, with 2015 being the Year of the Goat. Unsurprisingly, SUNCAT has quite a few weird and wonderful goat titles. In fact, it seems that anything with the word ‘goat’ in it is funny!! Hope you enjoy these.

Image of a goat, Kamandan, Azna County, Iran.

A goat in Kamadan Village, Azna County, Lorestan Province, Iran. Taken by Hamid Soufi, 2005.

  • The Dirty goat.
  • Irish goat news.
  • Billy goat banner.
  • Dairy goat gazette.
  • Canadian boer goat news.
  • Sheep and goat practice symposium.
  • Goats today : the monthly journal of the British Goat Society.
  • Dairy goat gazette and lively vivid escapades.
  • NSW sheep & goat situation statement.
  • The Official International Fainting Goat Association newsletter.
  • Ruminations : the Nigerian dwarf dairy goat journal.
  • Proceedings of the … annual Field Day of the American Institute for Goat Research.
  • Shades of brown : journal of the 3 Eyed Goat– Vegan-Communist.
  • Herd Book and Prize Record … with Kid Register and Stud Goat Register.
  • Wool & wattles : communications from the American Association of Sheep and Goat Practitioners.
  • People and dairy goats : newsletter of the Big Bend Dairy Goat Association.
  • Adventures in goatkeeping.
  • Hiking Washington’s Goat Rocks country.
  • S.L.A.N.T.: Saanen, LaMancha, Alpine, Nubian, Toggenburg.

For more goat-themed serials and other weird and wonderful titles take a look in SUNCAT.

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Feb 122015

As everyone knows, this Saturday is Valentine’s Day. There is no shortage of weird and wonderful love and romance-themed titles in SUNCAT. Here is a selection for you to enjoy!

Photograph of a small packet of love hearts

  • Love: the nuptial organ of the Cupid League. no. 1.
  • Cupid’s columns.
  • Cupid’s Cosmopolitan Courier : The only matrimonial publication printed in English and French.
  • Cupid : for love, courtship and marriage.
  • Marvel valentine special.
  • Valentine : (Valentine and TV Fan. Valentine and Roxy.).
  • The New Kids on the Block, valentine girl.
  • Valentine flowchart special.
  • It’s love, love, love.
  • Love buzz.
  • Cowboy love.
  • First love illustrated.
  • The Love School event.
  • Jacques Boivin’s love fantasy.
  • The dial of love.
  • The Batman adventures. Mad love.
  • Daily dose of love.
  • Mr. Anthony’s love clinic.
  • The Word love.
  • The Journal of Love.
  • How do I love thee? : the magazine for love poetry.
  • Love, Marriage & Common-Sense Series.
  • Dr. Anthony King Hollywood love doctor.
  • Famous Loves : true dramas of tender love and brooding passion.
  • The lamp of love.
  • The Delphick oracle, resolving the most curious questions in love and gallantry: as also in divinity, history … and all other arts and sciences … By a society of gentlemen.
  • Premier spas & romance.
  • Farm romance & adventure.
  • Kentucky romance quarterly.
  • Hospital Romance Library.
  • Purkess’s library of romance
  • Your Car. A magazine of romance, etc.
  • I’ll take romance!
  • Hopeless romantic news.
  • Satin sheets : a newsletter of romantic reading & living.
  • Rubies in the darkness : a magazine of traditional romantic and spiritually inspired poetry.
  • Room for romance. Great Britain and Ireland : the ultimate guide to romantic hotels.
  • The best places to kiss in Southern California : a romantic travel guide.
  • A moon, a girl, romance.
  • Ghosts : a magazine of romance and reason.
  • The romance of a great newspaper.
  • Sensation. A record of thrilling incidents & journal of sensational romance.

For more romance and love serials, as well as weird and wonderful titles in general, take a look in SUNCAT.

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