Aug 162018

It always seems to be festival season here in Edinburgh! At the moment, it is the Edinburgh Fringe and International Festivals which are now in full-swing. But, there are festivals of every kind taking place all over the world. Some of these can be found in SUNCAT. Check out our weird and wonderful festival publications below and join in with the festival spirit!

  • International Quilt Festival quilt scene
  • The Carrying Stream Festival.
  • Gwŷl Arall = (Another) Festival.
  • Zoom Photo Festival Saguenay.
  • Asides : the GoDA newsletter for festival organisers.
  • O. Henry Festival stories.
  • Underage festival.
  • Canada’s ice cream festival.
  • Annual Tobacco Queen Festival.
  • Little Corporal’s School Festival.
  • A festival on the hill.
  • Tipsy Times : Carmarthen beer festival.
  • Black Mountain Folk Festival : [newsletter].
  • Tolpuddle Martyrs festival : souvenir programme.
  • Scribe : Mad Hatters Easter festival.
  • I [love] NY spring flower festival / State of New York, Department of Commerce.
  • Quarter notes : the newsletter of the Winnipeg Folk Festival.
  • The London Welsh Festival of Male Choirs.
  • Festival of Up-Helly-Aa : programme.
  • Sherlock Holmes festival : Crowborough, East Sussex.
  • Masks newsletter : International Festival of Masks newsletter.
  • Peebles March Riding and Beltane Queen Festival.
  • The city jester, or Festival of Momus.
  • Reclaim the screeens feminist film festival : programme and pamphlet.
  • Bluedot : an intergalactic festival of music, science, arts, culture and the exploration of space.
  • Carry the Weight Fest.
  • Shakesperience.
  • The Hippodrome Festival of Silent Cinema.
  • Love2walk.
  • Fest’ n’ Furious.

For more festival-themed journals, and lots more besides, take a look in SUNCAT.

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May 232018

Today (23rd May) is Lucky Penny Day. You may have heard of this superstition: “See a penny, pick it up, All day long you’ll have good luck.” The modern form of the one pence coin was introduced back on the 15th February 1971. So, if you see a penny showing its head pick it up, or turn it to its head-side for someone else to get pick up and get the luck! As another saying goes: “Look after the pennies and the pounds will take care of themselves!”

Photograph showing a detail of a one pence coin.

Detail of a penny. Photograph taken by Vince O’Sullivan, January 2010. Via Flickr under Creative Commons License 2.0 (

Here are some weird and wonderful ‘penny’ titles found in SUNCAT.

  • Captain George’s penny dreadful.
  • The penny share letter.
  • Cobbett’s penny trash …
  • Two Knaves for a Penny.
  • The Penny magazine of the Society for the Diffusion of Useful Knowledge.
  • The Penny punter.
  • A penny saved.
  • Penny pincher world wide.
  • Penny stock detectives.
  • A bad penny review.
  • Mingaye Syder’s temperance lancet and penny trumpet.
  • Sun penny saver.
  • The Penny melodist.
  • The Golden Penny Comic.
  • Penny a Peep.
  • Penny dreadful : tales and poems of fantastic terror.
  • Paddy Kelly’s budget; or, A penny-worth of fun!!
  • Cameron’s A-B-C Penny Time Tables.
  • A choice penny-worth of wit. In three parts.
  • A groatsworth of wit for a penny; or, the interpretation of dreams.
  • Horrors; or, “The Penny Horrible”. : An anti-comic weekly blood curdler.
  • The pinball player and penny slot collector: the monthly magazine of the Pinball Owners’ Association (incorporating the Penny Slot Preservation Society).
  • One penny-worth of truth, from Thomas Bull to his brother John.
  • Two penny-worth of truth for a penny; or a true state of facts: with an apology for Tom Bull in a letter to brother John.

For more penny-themed journals, and weird, and lots more besides, take a look in SUNCAT.

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May 172017

Today, 17th May, is (apparently) World Baking Day – and SUNCAT likes nothing more than cake (well, maybe kittens). In order to celebrate this auspicious day, here are some weird and wonderful titles that you can find in SUNCAT:

  • Best baking: your complete guide to baking perfection!
  • The Great British Bake Off baking collection
  • Simply perfect holiday baking
  • Baking heaven
  • The Housekeeper’s magazine, and family economist containing important papers on the following subjects: The markets. Marketing. Drunkenness. Gardening. Cookery. Travelling. Housekeeping. Management of income. Distilling. Baking. Brewing. &c.
  • Cake central magazine
  • Cake: a journal of poetry & art
  • Let them eat cake
  • Tease and cake: vintage inspired pin up magazine
  • Cakeboy
  • Cake and cockhorse / Banbury Historical Society
  • Caketrain
  • Meat cake
  • God, the king and the cakes of England

Check out SUNCAT for all your cake / serial needs, and lots more besides! And, then, just to whet your appetite, here are some cakes I baked earlier…

A photograph of various home-made cupcakes

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Dec 152016

The SUNCAT team would like to wish everyone a very merry Christmas and a happy New Year. Thank you to all who have contributed and used SUNCAT throughout 2016 and helped make this year our biggest and best yet. Here are some weird and wonderful Christmas-themed titles to enjoy and, following the weird and wonderful tradition, we hope you enjoy this Christmas bento image. Click through to get the recipe!

Photograph of Jiji Christmas Bento

Jiji Christmas Bento. By Mokiko, taken 21 December 2013. Available via Creative Commons license 2.0 (

  • Turkey–today & tomorrow / National Turkey Federation.
  • Gobbles.
  • The feathered world: and poultry farmer.
  • A pocketful of meat facts.
  • Poultry meat: broiler and turkey edition.
  • Cranberries; the national cranberry magazine.
  • Marketing Cape Cod cranberries.
  • Marketing California brussels sprouts.
  • Recommended varieties of brussels sprouts for single harvest and descriptive list for picking over.
  • Gandy Goose.
  • Donald Parsnips daily journal 1995 – 1999.
  • The Almanac of dried fruit and nuts.
  • Kent’s Christmas yule log.
  • The Biscuits & gravy quarterly.
  • Salmon trout steelheader.
  • Hot chestnuts.
  • Deluxe Rubber Chicken.
  • Chicken outfit.
  • National chicken cooking contest recipes.

We look forward to bringing you an even bigger and better SUNCAT in 2017!

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Sep 292016

Today (29th September) is World Heart Day. This day was founded by the World Heart Federation in 2000 to inform people around the globe that heart disease and stroke are the world’s leading causes of death, claiming 17.5 million lives each year. Today’s theme is power your life – to help people understand what they can do to fuel their hearts and power their lives. ‘Your heart is at the heart of your health. And it’s easy to give it the care it deserves.’


Heart. Image taken by Andrew, 1st Jan 2009. (Available via CC BY-NC-ND 2.0

Here are some heart-inspired serial titles in SUNCAT. Hope that you enjoy them and that this post reminds you to look after your heart.

  • Heart to heart: the newsletter of the Coronary Prevention Group.
  • Eye of the Heart : A Journal of Traditional Wisdom.
  • Badger heart.
  • Hooligan heart.
  • Dante’s Heart.
  • Bleeding heart.
  • Share: global mission with a Latin heart.
  • Cactus heart.
  • Heart and hand: journal of the Family History Society of the Ancient Clan McManus.
  • The joyful heart newsletter.
  • Take heart: the latest news and advice from the British Heart Foundation.
  • Hugs for the heart.
  • My outcast heart.
  • Heart-smart recipes.
  • Crochet with heart.
  • Pillars of the Immaculate Heart.
  • Heart to heart romance library: love stories in pictures.
  • Eager Heart Fairy Godmother Magazine. Oct. 1912.
  • Beat. The heart of the music scene.
  • Daggers to my heart.
  • McCall’s quilting. America makes quilts from the heart.
  • Lionheart magazine: for the roar in your heart.
  • The Heart of oak: a choice selection of new songs.
  • Four chambers: the heart of literature in Phoenix, Arizona.
  • The Monitor, Designed to Improve the Taste, the Understanding and the Heart (1823-1824).

For more heart-themed journals take a look in SUNCAT.

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Sep 222016

Today is Hobbit Day and, indeed, Tolkien Week! The 22nd September is the birthday of the hobbits Bilbo and Frodo Baggins, two fictional characters in J. R. R. Tolkien‘s popular set of books The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings.

Re-live the magic of Tolkien’s books by looking at these Tolkien-inspired titles found in SUNCAT!

Image of part of the cover of 'The Hobbit Deluxe Edition' from J. R. R. Tolkien, showing a red dragon.

Le hobbit édition Deluxe. T. Lilly, 2014. Under Creative Commons (CC BY-NC-ND 2.0)

  • Wizard information service.
  • The Wizard’s staff.
  • The Lord of the Rings, Battle games in Middle Earth.
  • Beyond Bree : newsletter of the Mensa Tolkien Special Interest Group. (Variant title: It’s Beyond Me!)
  • Mallorn : the journal of the Tolkien Society.
  • News from Fangorn.
  • Orcrist.
  • Weathertop.
  • Amon Hen : the bulletin of the Tolkien Society of Great Britain.
  • Quettar : bulletin of the Linguistic Fellowship of the Tolkien Society.
  • Silver leaves from the white tree of hope.
  • Hither shore.
  • Poison elves.
  • The Sprite : from the Elves of Ginnistian.
  • Entings.
  • Minas Tirith evening-star.

For more serials on Tolkien and other weird and wonderful titles take a look in SUNCAT.

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May 172016

On Wednesday the 18th May it is International Museum Day. Since its inception back in 1977, this day has provided an opportunity to raise awareness on how important museums are in the development of society. This year’s theme will be Museums and Cultural Landscapes. Participation in International Museum Day is growing among museums all over the world. In 2015, more than 35,000 museums participated in the event in some 145 countries.

A photograph of the Museum of Scotland in Edinburgh.

The Museum of Scotland in Edinburgh, 2005. By No machine-readable author provided. Maccoinnich~commonswiki assumed (based on copyright claims). [GFDL ( or CC-BY-SA-3.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

There are a number of SUNCAT Contributing Libraries which are museum libraries: the British Museum; National Coal Mining Museum; National Museums Scotland (see the wonderful museum building above!); National Museum of Wales; and the Natural History Museum. Here are some wonderful museum-themed titles found in these and other SUNCAT Contributing Libraries.

  • Ladies museum.
  • The torch; or Glasgow museum.
  • Leather Archives & Museum News.
  • Fossum : the magazine of Friends of the Sedgwick Museum.
  • The Bruce Museum : a museum of the arts and sciences.
  • Ka ‘Elele : news of the Bernice Pauahi Bishop Museum.
  • Under the dome : the British Museum staff magazine.
  • Farmer’s Weekly Museum.
  • Memoirs of the Raffles Museum.
  • Trolley fare / Pennsylvania Railway Museum Association.
  • Water Words : news from the Waterworks Museum, Hereford.
  • Oh! Cet écho! : museum kunst palast magazin.
  • Mermaid / Friends of Merseyside Maritime Museum.
  • Heirloom seed reference guide / from the Landis Valley Museum.
  • MoNA now : news from the Museum of Northwest Art.
  • Now & then : Thunder Bay Historical Museum Society newsletter.
  • The Potato Museum’s peelings.
  • The Flixton flier : newsletter of the Norfolk & Suffolk Aviation Museum.
  • Palmnut Post : Magazine of Durban Natural Science Museum.
  • Fukui Prefectural Dinosaur Museum Memoir.
  • AMuse news : Durban museums newsletter.
  • Meeting Place : Royal Ontario Museum.
  • Bloomers / British Museum.
  • British Museum Attendants’ Mutual Life Assurance Society, afterwards British Museum Life Assurance Society [Annual Reports.]
  • Museum documentation system : costume card instructions / Museum Documentation Association.

If you are a museum library and would like to participate in SUNCAT or if you would like to suggest a museum library as a possible Contributing Library do let us know by contacting us at

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Apr 202016

Shakespeare400 is here! On the 23rd April it is the 400th anniversary of William Shakespeare‘s death and all this year there are celebrations marking the great poet and playwright’s amazing legacy. There are many events happening all around the country, including performances, screenings, conferences and talks. There is also an exhibition Shakespeare in Ten Acts taking place at the British Library, one of our Contributing Libraries.

William Shakespeare has made a lasting impression not only in theatre and literature but also in the English language, as can be seen from the image below. His works are studied and enjoyed worldwide and this is reflected in the fascinating titles on Shakespeare found in SUNCAT.

Image showing things we say today which we owe to Shakespeare.

Shakespeare. TRF_Mr_Hyde, 2012. Via Flickr – Creative Commons Attribution 2.0. Generic (

  • Borrowers and lenders : the journal of Shakespeare and appropriation.
  • Around the Globe : the magazine of the International Shakespeare Globe Centre.
  • The Shakespeare pictorial : a monthly illustrated chronicle of events in Shakespeareland.
  • A groat’s worth of wit : journal of the Open University Shakespeare Society.
  • The Swan of Avon.
  • Boys of England Stories of Shakespeare : complete.
  • The Upstart crow : a Shakespeare journal.
  • Ivory leaves : A medium of expression for the new intensive study of Shakespeare.
  • Shakespeare and His Legal Problems.
  • “The Graphic” Gallery of Shakespeare’s Heroines. The stories of the several plays from which the pictures are taken … by W. E. Henley.
  • Journal of the Wooden O Symposium.
  • 1616 : saw the death of William Shakespeare & Miguel de Cervantes
  • The London Shakespeare League journal.
  • Shakespeare news from Japan : (Komazawa University Shakespeare Institute).
  • Hamlet’s ghost.
  • HAMNET : Folger Library catalog.
  • An Elizabethan journal : second journal [&] last journal, 1591-1603.
  • The Shakespeare problems / ed. by Alfred William Pollard and John Dover Wilson.
  • The great cryptogram: Francis Bacon’s cipher in the so called Shakespeare plays / by Ignatius Donnelly.
  • Fair Thoughts and Happy Hours attend on you. A Shakespeare Calendar for the year 1905. [With coloured illustrations and initials.]
  • The Shakespearean almanacke : an occasional paper for the study of astrology in the works of Shakespeare and his contempories.
  • “The Graphic” Gallery of Shakespeare’s Heroines. The stories of the several plays from which the pictures are taken … by W. E. Henley.
  • Ariel : the Stratford-upon-Avon messenger.

There are many other serials on Shakespeare in SUNCAT. Why not take a look?


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Apr 142016

Today (14th April) is National Dolphin Day. Ranging in size from 4 ft to up to 30 feet, dolphins are among almost forty species in 17 genera. Find out 10 interesting facts about dolphins and look at our weird and wonderful dolphin titles below. (We have added a couple of whale and porpoise titles, not to leave them out!)

Photograph of dolphins swimming underwater

Dolphins. DaBear Media, 2007. CC BY-NC-ND 2.0 (

  • Sonar : the magazine of the Whale and Dolphin Conservation Society.
  • Wavelet : the magazine for junior supporters of HWDT.
  • Dolphin superpack for boys and girls.
  • POD news : adopt a dolphin.
  • Splash!
  • Arion’s dolphin.
  • The Daily Dolphin : A serio-comic political periodical.
  • Dolphin dreams.
  • Dolphin insight.
  • Dolphin log : a publication of the Cousteau Society.
  • Whales alive! / Cetacean Society International.
  • Whulj : newsletter of the Puget Sound Chapter of the American Cetacean Society.
  • Porpoise : a poem in 4 sections and in 32 books.

For more dolphin titles and other weird and wonderful serials take a look in SUNCAT.

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Apr 012016

Today, 1st April, is of course April Fool’s Day. This is the perfect opportunity to share with you some weird and wonderful titles on the subject of fools, humour and jokes. This is not an April Fool – these titles really are in SUNCAT!

Image of a giant cat sitting on top of a library buidling with the words 'Teh Liberry - I Rulez It'

April Fool’s from Kennedy Library. The Robert E. Kennedy Library at California Polytechnic State University, 2010. Available under CC Attribution-Non Commerical 2.0 Generic (CC BY 2.0) (

  • The Granta : a college joke to cure the dumps.
  • Monkeyshines on you! : the original monkeyshines joke book.
  • The Laughter prescription newsletter. (Laughter prescription, because humor is healing.)
  • Fool Time prospectus.
  • Sportophyte : a British journal of botanical humour.
  • The cabinet of life, wit and humour.
  • The Golden Halfpenny : A budget of humour, fact and fiction.
  • Stitches : the journal of medical humour.
  • Weekly comedy; or, The humour of the coffee house.
  • Tales from the Broken Drum : the Octarine, Science Fiction & Fantasy Humour Appreciation Society fanzine.
  • Sage and Onions : An illustrated weekly journal of humour and satire.
  • The circle of humour; or, comic gleanings, descriptive of life, character and manners.
  • Yorick. A Journal of wit, humour, and satire. no. 1. Quarterly.
  • Snacks : A journal of humour, romance, comic cuts, and answers on everything.
  • The Foolish Book. A magazine of wit and humour. nos. 1-18. June 1903-Nov. 1904.
  • The Ferret, or South Wales Ratepayer : A journal of humour and criticism on subjects municipal, political and literary.
  • The Knight Errant. (An independent journal of Irish Wit and Humour, etc.) vol. 1, 2 and no. 49-55 of vol. 3.
  • “The Galatea Gazette”. Being an attempt to tuck a few strands of interest, parcelled with strips of humour and served by C.T. Dean. Vol.1 (Sept.1935/1936)-.
  • Arliss’s funny library, of wit, satire, and humour; containing, facetiæ, under the heads of pasquinades, anecdotes, jeu d’esprits, witticisms, mornings at w reet, new punning songs, broad grins, maxims, Irish bulls, conundrums, anagrams, enigmas, bon mots, whims, tid bits, curious epitaphs, brevities, yarns, miseries, long bows, puzzles, &c. &c. Embellished with forty-eight humorous wood engravings, by the most eminent artists.
  • The Odd Fellow’s Magazine, Thespian Journal, and Monthly Novelist: Being a vehicle of genuine humour, inoffensive wit, and rational entertainment: consisting of interesting extracts from popular, scarce, and expensive works; the whole enriched with valuable original pieces, written expressly for the work. Embellished with interesting engravings.
  • Anti depressant.
  • The Bottle, and what comes out of it.
  • Off-White Lies.
  • Nobody’s baby : a Christmas fancy for maids, wives & widows, young husbands & very old bachelors.
  • The clown of London.
  • Waterlog : the magazine for the absolute angler.
  • The purple cow.
  • The Joyful noiseletter.
  • The Fool / by Thomas Brainless, Esq. L.L.D. jester to His Majesty the public.

For more weird and wonderful titles and serials on humour take a look in SUNCAT.

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